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    Dec 16, 2017

    18 Tweets You'll Love If You Hate Elf On The Shelf

    "Have you heard of PLEASE on the STOP."

    1. We can all agree that Elves on the Shelves are elaborate and strange.

    heyitsreagan / Via Twitter: @heyitsreagan_

    2. They get into some serious stuff while we're sleeping.

    carlyyyyjo / Via Twitter: @CarlyyyyJo

    3. And, on the internet, I've seen them do some pretty naughty things.

    jmariec36 / Via Twitter: @jmariec36

    4. Plus, who knows what they see us do?

    carmanthegirl / Via Twitter: @CArmanthegirl

    5. Which is why I think we need to do something about them once and for all.

    patnspankme / Via Twitter: @patnspankme

    6. And utilize one of these very good hiding ideas.

    howtobeadad / Via Twitter: @HowToBeADad

    7. they even make kids behave like parents say they do?

    cheeseboy22 / Via Twitter: @Cheeseboy22

    8. Or do their house's just kind of look like this?

    reasonsmysoncry / Via Twitter: @ReasonsMySonCry

    9. Do they really watch us?

    dadpression / Via Twitter: @Dadpression

    10. Because there's a lot I don't want Santa to know about.

    liftrss / Via Twitter: @liftrss

    11. Honestly, I've just continued retweeting this, because I don't want to end up like the next picture.

    omgitsfirefoxx / Via Twitter: @OMGitsfirefoxx

    12. Barbie, I can only assume, didn't retweet that tweet.

    llpos / Via Twitter: @LLPOS

    13. Which is why we need to take all precautions.

    staggfilms / Via Twitter: @Staggfilms

    14. Because we're all humans living in an elf's world.

    tsm560 / Via Twitter: @tsm560

    15. If you don't have an Elf on the Shelf, be warned.

    3sunzzz / Via Twitter: @3sunzzz

    16. Because there's mischief in those eyes.

    chrchcurmudgeon / Via Twitter: @ChrchCurmudgeon

    17. Tread carefully.

    reflog_18 / Via Twitter: @Reflog_18

    18. We don't know what's under that blushing, grinning exterior.

    chibbed / Via Twitter: @chibbed

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