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17 Craigslist Ads That Will Make You Say, "How About No"

Some things should just be thrown away.

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3. I can't even begin talking about all of the health and safety violations for this one:

gunsandknives / Via

"I've noticed a purple butt plug/anal sex toy on the sidewalk located [at] the apartment complex all week. I figured I'd inform Craigslist in hopes its owner can be reunited with the toy. I hope the pictures are useful for the owner to find the toy."


6. For all of the Beatles fans out there:

3hip5u / Via

"I picked up this jar at my uncle's estate sale. It's believed to contain a ghost, possibly of George Harrison. If you're into ghosts and other super natural phenomena, or you are a Beatles fan, this is the item for you."


Best of Craigslist / Via

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? Well, if you have a warped sense of aesthetic, this is the find of the century for you! I'd throw them in the trash, but I'm afraid they'd return in the middle of the night, seeking human flesh and retribution. Please. Save me. Take these."


10. This sofa rocks:

Best of Craigslist / Via

"New. Weatherproof . Hardly Used. Sits well, but takes some time to get used to. But HEY- you'll never have to worry about spills or stains for that matter. It cleans itself...out in the rain!"


13. You shouldn't want to buy anything from a stranger labeled as "overly aggressive":

Best of Craigslist / Via

"Get this satanic fucking couch out of my home. It's free and has made multiple sexual advances on me at times. There is a spring poking out the one end through the fabric and it will give you dirty looks when you are alone with it. Dry clean only, house broken. Email for mission briefing."

17. And finally, that one piece to make your house feel like a home:

getjustin / Via

"For sale: Gently used corner sofa. Small tear on one side. Some light staining visible. Couch is super comfortable and really makes a house feel like a home."

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