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    17 Objects So Strangely Large, I Had To Double Check The Pictures Weren't Photoshopped

    Not like you were planning on it, but never go up against an elephant seal, which I recently found out can be so big that they wreck cars.

    1. This gigantic toad found recently in Australia that's six pounds and aptly named "Toadzilla."

    Woman holding a giant toad

    2. The size of this hail from Texas that's a hail no from me.

    Hand next to a big piece of hail

    3. These coconut crabs that are a species I was introduced to at the zoo when my mom told me she read a theory that they ate Amelia Earhart (yup, they eat meat).

    A dog next to coconut crabs

    4. This bird poop from a great blue heron next to an adult's flip flop that will make you want to carry an umbrella everywhere you go.

    Giant bird poop next to flip flops

    5. Michelangelo's "David," which I guess I had no idea was that tall???

    Someone working on Michelangelo's "David"

    6. This elephant seal that is using its size to take its wharf back.

    An elephant seal next to a car

    7. This windmill that definitely doesn't look that big when you drive past it.

    A windmill

    8. And this blade for a windmill that makes this full-size sedan look like a Hot Wheels car.

    A blade for a windmill

    9. This tortoise that you can't convince me isn't an actual dinosaur.

    A giant tortoise

    10. This bald eagle nest that looks like it could fit this human (and probably this human's bed set) comfortably.

    A giant eagle's nest

    11. This giant cone that has no right to be as tall as a human.

    A giant cone

    12. This earthworm that looks more like a snake.

    A giant earthworm

    13. This warehouse that's so big, it gets foggy.

    A giant warehouse

    14. This species of rabbit called a Flemish Giant Rabbit that can grow up to 2.5 feet long.

    A Flemish Giant Rabbit next to a dog

    15. This Brussels sprout that's trying to fool everyone into thinking its a small cabbage.

    A giant Brussels sprout

    16. This humpback whale who wanted to give you a friendly reminder that you're nothing but a little pea on the earth.

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    Caters Clips / Via

    17. Finally, these ominous curtains that make you wonder, "They make fabric that big?"

    People next to giant curtains