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This Is An Accurate Personality Test — Take It

It's bare-bones for more accurate results.

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  1. You can take all of these items with you to help you survive on a desert island but one. Which do you leave behind?

  2. How do you confront conflict?

  3. Which kind of person would you enjoy having by your side?

  4. If you accidentally bought 5 pounds of potatoes instead of just five potatoes, what would you do?

  5. Which way best describes how you tackle a heavy to-do list?

  6. You're on the phone with a mean customer service representative who won't honor a coupon you're eligible for. What do you do?

  7. Which best describes how you sleep nightly?

  8. Which activity do you feel you'd be best suited for?

  9. If you had a house in each of these locations, which would you sell first?

  10. If you could choose the monster that lives under your bed, which of these would you choose?

  11. Choose the role you'd be most comfortable playing in a big meeting at work:

  12. Finally, which sounds most appealing on a rainy day?

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