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    16 Memes From Internet History And What They Look Like In The Present Day

    Wow, I can't believe how much older Side-Eye Chloe got.

    1. Bad Luck Brian in the meme:

    Bad Luck Brian now:

    2. Salt Bae in the meme:

    Man in a sleeveless shirt and sunglasses sprinkling salt in the air
    @nusr_et / Via

    Salt Bae now:

    Man in a T-shirt and sunglasses and his hand in the air with his pointy finger raised
    Zak Krill / NHLI via Getty Images

    3. Hide the Pain Harold in the meme:

    Close-up of man smiling and red-eyed

    Hide the Pain Harold now:

    Head shot of older man with eyebrows raised
    BuzzFeed Video

    4. Math Lady in the meme:

    Four images of woman looking very confused with math equations superimposed on the images
    TV Globo

    Math Lady now:

    Headshot of woman smiling on the red carpet
    Daniel Ramalho / AFP via Getty Images

    5. Overly Attached Girlfriend in the meme:

    Headshot of smiling young woman with very big eyes
    Laina / Via

    Overly Attached Girlfriend now:

    6. Ava from "I smell like beef" in the meme:

    Katie Ryan / Via

    Ava from "I smell like beef" now:

    Young girl in a car holding a makeup applicator
    Katie Ryan / Via

    7. Success Kid in the meme:

    Baby with their fist raised and lips pressed together, standing in the sand on a beach
    Laney Griner / Via Facebook: SammySuccessKid

    Success Kid now:

    Young person with shoulder-length hair and wearing a cap
    BuzzFeed Video / Via

    8. Ermahgerd in the meme:

    Young woman with pigtails and wearing a retainer holding three Goosebumps books with made-up words on the image
    Maggie Goldenberger

    Ermahgerd now:

    Headshot of woman with hair pulled back smiling into the camera
    Know Your Meme / Via

    9. Disaster Girl in the meme:

    Young girl smiling mysteriously at the camera as a house burns in the background, with the text, "There was a spider; it's gone now"
    David Roth / Via

    Disaster Girl now:

    10. Blinking White Guy in the meme:

    Close-up of a man looking bewildered
    Giant Bomb / Via

    Blinking White Guy now:

    Man with a short beard and mustache gazing at the camera
    BuzzFeed Video / Via

    11. Side-Eye Chloe in the meme:

    Young girl with two front teeth in a car seat looking at the camera with disgust
    Lily & Chloe Official / Via

    Side-Eye Chloe now:

    12. First World Problems in the meme:

    Woman with tears rolling down her face and holding her head with the text "My navigation device keeps interrupting my podcast"
    @tiegrabberpods / Via Twitter: @Tiegrabberpods

    First World Problems now:

    13. Trying to Hold a Fart Next to a Cute Girl in Class in the meme:

    Teenage boy sitting in a classroom next to a girl with the veins in his forehead and neck bulging
    u/aaduk_ala / Via

    Trying to Hold a Fart Next to a Cute Girl in Class now:

    Man with glasses and a small mustache and wearing a "The North Face" T-shirt and plaid jacket
    BuzzFeed Video / Via

    14. Roll Safe in the meme:

    Man with a small mustache smiling and touching his forehead with his finger

    Roll Safe now:

    Headshot of man with a beard and mustache
    BuzzFeed UK / Via

    15. "It is Wednesday, my dudes" in the meme:

    Jimmy Here / Via

    "It is Wednesday, my dudes" now:

    Today is @JimmyHere’s birthday so here is a 🧵 about one of my best friends. 1/12

    Twitter: @zachgg

    16. Finally, Doge in the meme:

    A Shiba Inu dog looking at the camera
    kabosumama / Via