16 Pictures You'll Feel Bad Laughing At, But You'll Do It Anyway

    Darth Anus lol.

    1. This person who got played hard by the DMV.

    2. This kid whose worst blunder was immortalized in Google Maps.

    3. This guy who got inadvertently burned by Facebook.

    4. This guy whose enemy got the ultimate revenge on him.

    back in high school this one kid and i hated each other and one day he randomly gave me a $25 gift card to texas roadhouse. i was like... wow ok maybe you're not so bad. i go to texas roadhouse and eat a $25 meal only to find out he put $1 on the card and wrote $25 on it.

    5. This person who tried to put a little bit of almond milk in their coffee but ended up making soup.

    6. This beachgoer who just wanted to have a nice day.

    7. This artist who accidentally dropped their work.

    8. This video store employee who might be working a little late tonight.

    9. This poor sap who tried to eat ramen with a hat on.

    10. This duo who thought a top-down drive wouldn't turn out to be so wet.

    11. This woman who really should've secured her pizza before getting on the train.

    12. This guy who accepted a modeling job but didn't ask what the pictures would be used for.

    With the benefit of hindsight, accepting this modelling job was definitely a mistake

    13. This painter who forgot to plan ahead.

    14. This boyfriend who was able to capture the exact moment he dropped his phone behind the oven.

    15. This girl who's going to be taking notes on a cutting board today.

    went to class today really thinking i had grabbed my computer off the kitchen counter

    16. And finally, this person. Everybody in the galaxy should fear the mighty wrath of Darth Anus.

    H/T r/WellThatSucks