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Almost 1 Million People Have Taken These Quizzes β€” Why Haven't You?

These quizzes are popular for a reason!

Audrey Engvalson / BuzzFeed / Getty

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. This is a collection of quizzes carefully curated for your enjoyment.

1. Only A True Disney Expert Can Identify 10/16 Of These Parents


Do you know Merida's mom from Pinocchio's dad? Take the quiz here.

2. Sorry, You're Only A Nice Person If You've Done Most Of These Things

Netflix / Paramount

You have to earn the title of "nice." Take the quiz here.

3. This Elementary School Exam Looks Way Easier Than It Actually Is

Getty / Nickelodeon

You think you're real smart, don't you? Take the quiz here.

4. What's The Color Palette Of Your Personality?

Syd Robinson / BuzzFeed

This is eerily accurate. Take the quiz here.

5. Can We Accurately Guess Your Age By How Many Of These Apps You Have On Your Phone?

Getty / TikTok / Pinterest

Spoiler alert: We totally can. Take the quiz here.

6. If You Can Get 10/12 On This Homophone Quiz, You're A Grammar Genius


Is it the principle of the thing or the principal of the thing? Take the quiz here.

7. Our Inside/Outside Quiz Will Reveal Which Disney Princess You Are Externally, And Which One You Are Internally


Your inner self and outer self are totally different. Take the quiz here.

8. How Good Is Your Disney Geography?

Getty / Disney

Honestly, if you don't know the answer to the above, don't bother trying this. Take the quiz here.

9. Only Millennials Will Be Able To Identify These 20 Weird Videos

IRamsayI / / Neil Cicierega /

Gen-Z can't beat this. Take the quiz here.

10. We Can Actually Guess Your Age Based On The Pairs Of Pants You Choose


I bet you had no idea that your pants say a lot about you. Take the quiz here.

11. Can You Actually Pass This Third-Grade Grammar Test?

Syd Robinson / BuzzFeed

Its harder than it looks. Uh oh! I's harder than it looks. Darn it! Take the quiz here.

12. Half Of These Disney Princess Dresses Are Fake – Can You Guess Which Ones?


See how confused Prince Eric is? That's going to be you. Take the quiz here.

13. We Know What Your College Major Should Be β€” Just Take This Aptitude Test

MGM / Disney

Deciding your college major is a stressful decision. Let us help! Take the quiz here.

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