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    18 Little Mistakes In "Aladdin" That The Producers Probably Hoped You'd Miss

    Phenomenal cosmic power, itty bitty animation mistakes.

    1. In the scene where Rajah bites the butt of one of Jasmine's suitors, the suitor walks out with ripped pants and you can see his boxers. However, in the next scene, you can see Rajah chewing on the boxers, which he didn't rip a hole in.

    2. When Jasmine is looking at her reflection during "A Whole New World," a flower appears in her hair that wasn't there when they were arriving at the lake.

    3. You can also see that their reflection swaps their places on the carpet. For the entirety of the ride (if you're looking at the carpet from the front), Jasmine is on the left and Aladdin is on the right. This should be shown in their reflections as well.

    4. In the scene where Jafar shows Aladdin how "sssssnake like" he can be, his bottom teeth disappear and reappear haphazardly. This GIF is playing the scene at half the speed so you can see the difference.

    5. Speaking of bottom teeth missing, between the front shot and the back shot of the Cave of Wonders, the bottom teeth and the epiglottis disappear.

    6. When Aladdin pole vaults off of the roof and Jasmine follows suit, her hood goes from up to down to up in a matter of two seconds.

    7. In the scene where Aladdin is running away from the palace guards in "One Jump," the main palace guard has a missing tooth which magically reappears when he jumps out of the window.

    8. When Aladdin and Abu meet the magic carpet in the Cave of Wonders, Aladdin's fez briefly disappears and reappears when Abu climbs on him.

    9. Right before the "Friend Like Me" sequence, Genie sits Aladdin on a rock. Seconds later, after the song starts, the rock has completely changed its shape.

    10. Jasmine's crown mysteriously vanishes right after you see it on her head.

    11. When the sultan has Jafar arrested, the blue drapes behind he and the guards disappear, then reappear as soon as he makes his escape.

    12. Also in this scene, you can see that the sword in the guard to the right's pants switches directions (despite the guard not using it).

    13. When the Sultan is discussing marriage with Jasmine, you can see that his hands abruptly swap places while holding the bird when Jasmine walks past him.

    14. As soon as Jasmine gets caught in the hourglass, the glass flips and you can see that it has feet and supports. Those feet and supports have vanished when Aladdin frees her.

    15. When Aladdin is running from the guards after stealing the loaf of bread, he slides down clothes lines to evade them and knocks down all of the hanging clothes. After he's landed, you can see the guards look down at him and all of the clothes have been instantly transported back on the lines.

    16. Before Aladdin is dropped in the water to drown, his hat has a gold band and a hat drape. When it falls with him in the water, the hat drape and gold band have vanished and we see the fabric is folded in the middle.

    17. In the scene where Jafar wishes he's a genie, he gets so big that he blows the entire roof off of the palace. Seconds later, when Aladdin gets him back into the lamp, the roof only has a small hole through it.

    18. Finally, during "Friend Like Me," Genie's earring disappears when he's in his white tux, but reappears throughout the rest of the song.

    But, hey, I can overlook these mistake because this movie is honestly the best.

    H/T MovieMistakes