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Here Are Some Hilariously Salty Tweets About "Millennials' Favorite Ingredient" On A Burger

"The delicious taste of squandered futures."

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Almost three months ago, McDonald's added kale to one of their burgers, and Inc. tweeted an article about it as "millennials' favorite ingredient."

Inc / Via Twitter: @Inc

However, when the tweet recently resurfaced, people decided to take matters into their own hands and they started suggesting better "millennial" ingredients. They're equal parts hilarious and salty:

katearnoff / Via Twitter: @KateAronoff

Like, saltier than the Dead Sea:

enueye / Via Twitter: @enueye

Saltier than movie theatre popcorn:

nikillinit / Via Twitter: @nikillinit

Saltier than a cup of instant noodles:

prototypecube / Via Twitter: @PrototypeCube

Saltier than mixed nuts:

ben_cave04 / Via Twitter: @ben_cave04

Saltier than anchovies:

joelcifer / Via Twitter: @joelcifer

Saltier than deli meat:

jennmason19 / Via Twitter: @jennmason19

Saltier than potato chips:

jaywillis / Via Twitter: @jaywillis

Saltier than TV dinners:

thecultureofme / Via Twitter: @thecultureofme

Saltier than beef jerky:

crawf33 / Via Twitter: @Crawf33

And even saltier than the ocean itself:

don_zeko / Via Twitter: @Don_Zeko

But the article left people confused as to why "millennials' favorite ingredient" isn't avocado:

shinyletters / Via Twitter: @shinyletters

It's a good question:

canthardywait / Via Twitter: @CantHardyWait

And then, they came to this conclusion:

ejaguado / Via Twitter: @ejaguado

To sum it all up, the internet is shady, millennials clap back, and now I'm craving a Big Mac:

bubblynicky / Via Twitter: @BubblyNicky

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