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    21 Things You'll Only Understand If You Were Born In The Mid-'90s

    Zunes, Doodle Jump, and Silly Bandz.

    1. You grew up with two excellent options to waste time on the computer.

    2. You could accessorize with cool '90s things like Lisa Frank or cool 2000's things like The Dog.

    3. You were able to witness every teacher's learning curve when Smart Boards were added to every classroom instead of tried and true overheads.

    4. You artfully mastered T9 typing and full keyboard typing because you definitely had both kinds of phones.

    5. Which means that you were able to play awesome classics like snake, but a few years later, you mastered Doodle Jump and Flappy Bird.

    6. Before you had a phone, you definitely had a high-tech music player which took the form of an iPod Nano or a Zune.

    7. On Disney Channel, you were able to catch reruns of Sister, Sister and Even Stevens, but you looked forward to new episodes of Phil of the Future and That's So Raven.

    8. And on Cartoon Network, you were able to catch reruns of Dexter's Laboratory and Ed, Edd, and Eddy but you looked forward to new episodes of Codename: Kids Next Door and Teen Titans.

    9. You wore Livestrong bracelets when they were popular and then Silly Bandz when they were popular.

    10. You always had book report material considering Harry Potter came out when you were in elementary school, Twilight came out when you were in middle school, and The Hunger Games came out when you were in high school.

    11. You played both Neopets and Webkinz.

    12. You were able to appreciate foods such as Altoids Sours and EZ Squirt colored ketchup at the tail-ends of their run.

    The worst move Altoids did was get rid of Tangerine Sours

    13. While you may have been too young for Myspace, you joined the very early stages of Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr.

    14. And you definitely knew someone or were someone who had a Polyvore account.

    Who tf remembers Polyvore? I remember spending hoURS ON THAT SITE wow the memories of creating outfits that I would wear if I married my favorite band member

    15. You lived during that time where you could get both Blockbuster rentals from the store and DVDs from Netflix mailed to you (two things your grandkids will definitely ask you about for their history report).

    16. Your music tastes are truly diverse because you bridge two generations.

    17. While you were too young to bootleg music from Limewire before it shut down, you mastered the YouTube to MP3 conversion, so your possibilities were endless.

    18. You got the best 90's kids hand-me-downs and the coolest new early-2000s tech.

    19. You experienced the height of Vine when you were in high school.

    20. And you experienced the height of YikYak and Secret when you were in college.

    21. But most importantly, you've got a solid grasp on two different generations because of that weird little in-between year you were born.