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    26 Things You'll Only Remember If You Were A Kid In The Early 2000s

    Masters of the click wheel.

    If you're a young millennial...

    1. You either had that friend or were that friend who gloated about reading all of the Twilight books before the movies came out:

    2. All you wanted for Christmas was a Wii, and you distinctly remember the catchy music from the TV ads:

    3. You mastered this instrument:

    4. You either collected Silly Bandz, or you vehemently denied liking them:

    5. You fundraised the hell out of Jump Rope for Heart:

    6. You remember exactly where you were when High School Musical first aired:

    7. Your school cafeteria was covered with these ads from trendy celebrities like the All-American Rejects:

    8. You had one of these that made learning math fun:

    9. You wanted Nintendogs. If you didn't want them, it was because you already had them:

    10. You played Club Penguin:

    11. And you had a collection of Webkinz:

    12. You were guilty of doing this:

    #WhenIWas13 I would layer my abercrombie shirts and tank tops so you could see both of the mooses

    13. And you had a pair of these shorts:

    14. You helped Putt-Putt travel the moon and Pajama Sam confront his fear of the dark:

    15. You asked your mom for one of these products from Nickelodeon commercials:

    16. You ate one of these every morning before school:

    17. You traded your GoGurt for one of these at lunch:

    18. And you begged your mom to get you some of these on your drive home:

    19. You got the theme song for Dave the Barbarian stuck in your head:

    20. You launched yourself into mini-crisis mode when you accidentally opened the internet on your LG EnV because you knew your parents would yell at you about data rates:

    21. You became a fan of literally everything on Facebook:

    22. While we're on the topic of Facebook, you definitely played one of these:

    23. And while you waited for your crops to grow, you were thoroughly invested in a poke war:

    24. You got down to the "Casper Cha Cha Slide" at literally every school dance:

    25. You either had a Zune or an iPod Touch and argued with everyone that the one you had was better:

    26. And finally, you definitely made this face when your parents bought you Heelys AND THEN MADE YOU TAKE THE FRIGGIN' WHEEL OUT: