17 Little Mistakes The "Beauty And The Beast" Filmmakers Probably Hoped You'd Miss


    1. When Gaston goes to Belle's house to propose, you can see the cottage has a staircase with six steps. When Belle finally gets rid of him, the staircase is shown with only three.

    2. Also in that scene, the door swings out when Gaston enters, but when Belle throws his boots out, it's swung in. However, the door can't be two-way because you can hear it slam against the frame.

    3. In the opening scene, the book Belle returns changes from a red cover (when she tells the baker about it) to a purple cover (when she arrives at the bookshop).

    4. Right before Gaston puts his muddy boots over Belle's book, you can see a bellows hanging on the fireplace. When we see a closer shot, the bellows is missing.

    5. Where'd the beast's sleeves go? He's seen wearing long sleeves when he gives Belle the library, but the very next wide shot, they seem to disappear.

    6. The bookshop loses a bottom row of glass panes on it's front window from the time Belle enters to the time Belle leaves the book shop.

    7. Belle magically switches hands when she's comforting the beast after he's (*spoiler*) stabbed by Gaston. The hand she's using to console him and the side of his face that it's on is swapped in between frames.

    8. While singing "Beauty and the Beast," there is a brief blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment where Mrs. Potts' eyes go from blue to black, then back to blue. However, it looks like this error was corrected in the Diamond Edition re-release.

    9. Get out your microscope for this one. During the end of the prologue, you can see a dead tree on the side of the castle with a smaller, thinner set of branches beside it. Once the lightning claps, these thinner branches vanish.

    10. When the beast first claws his portrait, we see the claw marks go from left to right and through his left eye. When Belle explores the West Wing, the marks have changed direction and position.

    11. When the beast transforms, he's got a huge hole in the elbow of his right sleeve. When he goes to make out with Belle, the hole is gone. The hole is back when the rest of the castle transforms moments later.

    12. While Belle is talking to the baker, the binding on her book mysteriously switches sides. And, no, she wouldn't have had enough time in between these frames to flip it upside-down.

    13. When Mrs. Potts and Chip greet Belle in her room, you can see that the tiles on the floor line up perfectly with the bottoms of the doors. When Cogsworth enters those same doors moments later, the tiles have shifted.

    14. For the majority of the movie, Chip's chip is on the right-hand side of his face. However, in "Something There," there's a scene where his chip is on the left.

    15. In the overhead shot where Belle reads her book by the fountain, you can see a woman washing a cloth. However, in the close-up, you can see she now has a basket beside her.

    16. Check out Gaston's hand placement when he goes to kiss Belle. His hands are clearly under the diagonal door beam. In the next shot, his hands are significantly higher on top of the door beam.

    17. Finally, the mob chases the footstool because it runs off with LeFou's shoe. However, when the mob enters the other room to look for the footstool, LeFou has both shoes on despite not getting it back.

    But these details are so small and the movie is so beautiful that I'm going to let these errors slide! I'm still a huge fan of this tale as old as time.