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Jennifer Lawrence Wants To Take A Break From Stardom By Getting A Farm And Milking Some Goats

"Jennifer Lawrence wants to hang out with me?!" —Every goat reading this.

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Jennifer Lawrence is a BAMF.

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She's been killing it in Hollywood since she was a kid. Her performance in Silver Linings Playbook made her the second youngest actor to ever win an Academy Award for Best Actress.


But let's switch gears for a moment. Let's talk about goats. Goats have been killing it, too. They've remixed songs like Taylor Swift's "Trouble" and they won my just-made-up Best Farm Animal Award.

So naturally, it seems like Jennifer Lawrence and goats would make a dynamite combo. At least, that's what she thought when she sat down with Elle.

“I want to get a farm,” she says, when asked what’s next. “I want to be, like, milking goats.”

J. Law has been shooting an average of three movies a year for the past seven years, and I'm tired for her!

Protozoa Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Fox Movies

These were her past three!

So, she's taking some time off, which she says she'll use to continue working with Represent.Us, an organization that works towards anti-corruption laws.

Omaze / Via

Just a couple of months ago, Jen raised money for Represent.Us by throwing a sweepstakes to go wine tasting with her.

And, of course, start a farm and milk some goats.

Sunflower Farm Creamery / Via

Don't worry though, she's not going anywhere. We'll be able to see Lawrence in Red Sparrow, a film about a ballerina that doubles as a Russian spy, this spring.

Chernin Entertainment

Until then, I'm really hoping J. Law can get the R&R she deserves being an activist and farmer. Milk those goats, girlfriend! Save the world! Live your dream!

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