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These 21 Photos Will Remind You That Sometimes Things Just Work Out

It's the little things in life.

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1. Look at this corgi whose white stripe aligns perfectly with the sea foam. You're already starting to de-stress, aren't you?

chx_ / Via

2. Look at this beautifully groomed ski slope. You want to roll down it, don't you?

nikini845 / Via

3. Look how well this bologna lines up with the bun underneath it. You didn't know bologna could look so good, did you?

kiwifuzz / Via

4. Look at the cut on the bottom of this tree. You want to cry because of its beauty, don't you?

bikbooooi / Via

5. Look at how well this pepperoni slice fits into this onion. It kind of makes you believe everything will be okay, doesn't it?

aznev / Via

6. Look at how well this package fits into this mailbox. You never knew things could work out so well, did you?

sidewalkflavoredsoda / Via

7. Look at how well the tree lines up with the leaves in the pond underneath it. You're a little more relaxed now, aren't you?

cocoadaddy / Via

8. Look at how well these chairs stack. They make you feel warm inside, don't they?

goldiloxaurus / Via

9. Look at this truck going under this sign. You're shedding a single tear now, aren't you?

tbonetheoriginal / Via

10. Look at how perfectly this mop fits in the crevice of this wall. It's borderline arousing, isn't it?

librari_anne / Via

11. Look at how these Nilla Wafer boxes line up to form one continuous cookie line. You want it to stay like this forever, don't you?

peanutbutternolives / Via

12. Look at how these chairs fit so well underneath this table. You're feeling a strange calmness, aren't you?

sizzleprint / Via

13. Look at the way this traffic cone aligns under this plane's wing. It's dazzling, isn't it?

TheJasuh / Via

14. Look at the notch in this bathroom door. You never knew something so small could have such a big effect, did you?

salierryan / Via

15. Look at how well all of these train handles line up. You want to soak in this moment forever, don't you?

incredible_cat / Via

16. Look at this shadow that perfectly aligns with the concrete. You never want the sun to set, do you?

pleanim / Via

17. Look at this pen inside of this storm grate. You're letting out a deep sigh of relief, aren't you?

fishchipslopez / Via

18. Look at this perfect Cheez-It holder. You've never felt so relaxed, have you?

mamawantsallama / Via

19. Look at this notebook with every page neatly ripped out of it. You never knew someone cared enough, did you?

GottaGet_Schwifty_ / Via

20. Look at this baker making perfect chocolate swirls. You never want this moment to end, do you?

buster_gleason / Via

21. And finally, look at these hangers that are more organized than life itself. They make you feel good, don't they?

dev87 / Via

H/T r/oddlysatisfying

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