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This Is The Grossest, Most Horrifying List And You'll Feel Itchy After Reading It

Bugs are the absolute worst.

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1. Imagine cleaning your ear with this cotton swab.

KimberSliceAZDD / Via

2. Or eating these potato chips.

michaelrahmani / Via

3. Imagine this being your hand and those ants SPITTING ACID ON YOU.

stouffy19893 / Via

4. Or sitting down for a lovely bike ride on this seat.

emptyjetpack / Via

5. Imagine being anywhere near this guy raking up mosquitoes that are inches thick.

notfunnyname / Via

6. Feeling itchy?

Pazuzu_PNW / Via

7. No? Imagine discovering this spider covered in mold.

bear_the_dog / Via

8. Imagine looking down and seeing a cockroach giving birth while being eaten alive by fire ants.

AntsCanada / Via

9. Or being anywhere RAT-TAILED MAGGOTS are as well.

sweepminja / Via

10. Imagine this little trouble maker coming out of your ear.

devito7 / Via

11. Imagine these parasites hanging out in your mouth.

MR_NWA / Via

12. Still doing okay? Imagine trying to get this furry nest down.

satans_hound / Via

13. Imagine this big happy spider family chilling on your water meter.

LadySaberCat / Via

14. Imagine all of these roach friends hiding in your ceiling.

PostsTurds / Via

15. Or this woodworm that made its way into your TV stand.

ukexpete / Via

16. Or this thing, whatever it is.

jacobj9 / Via

17. Itchy yet? No? Imagine trying to get rid of this whip scorpion.

Donald_Keyman / Via

18. Imagine being low on gas and stopping at this pump.

AchinBacon / Via

19. Or running out to get something from your car.

AchinBacon / Via

20. Imagine this friend giving you kisses on the back of your neck.

AchinBacon / Via

21. Imagine walking in on this hungry dude who's indulging in an afternoon snack.

yippee_skippy / Via

22. Or this friend WHO DOESN'T SHARE FOOD.

XtApelatakettle / Via

23. Imagine setting your hand on this cement pole without looking first.

AchinBacon / Via

24. Finally, imagine injecting a tick with hydrogen peroxide and seeing that sucker explode.

ladysabercat / Via

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