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    Updated on Jul 3, 2019. Posted on Sep 8, 2018

    18 Times The Internet Totally Made Fun Of Marvel Movies

    Taking these superheroes down a notch.

    1. When they leaked footage from Spider-Man: Far From Home:

    spideyysense / Via Twitter: @spideyysense

    2. And when they leaked footage from Asgard's most popular reality show:

    3. When they explained why every superhero is a lie:

    copperplate / 7ftw3 / Via

    4. When they realized that Loki copied the Mona Lisa's 'do:

    taikatized / Via Twitter: @taikatized

    5. When they called out Cap and his fitness regimen:

    kayvsworld / gaydaisyridleys / Via

    6. When they questioned Daredevil's ambition:

    JustinGuarini / Via Twitter: @JustinGuarini

    7. When they spotted this Easter egg in Harry Potter:

    8balltshirts / Via Twitter: @8balltshirts

    8. When they posted two pictures of the exact same scene side-by-side:

    9. When they called Thor out on his lies:

    satanstrousers / Via

    10. When they found the solution to Infinity War that Marvel was trying to hide:

    filmgloss / Via Twitter: @filmgloss

    11. When they figured out what Thanos' character designer was eating for lunch:

    valkyrieloki / Via Twitter: @valkyrieIoki

    12. When they uncovered the real reason that Marvel has so many Chrises:

    such-sights / dylanna / Via

    13. When they decided to grill Bucky and Ronan on their beauty routines:

    orthoplex / avengersmemes / Via

    14. When they realized the true inspiration for Spider-Man's costume:

    15. When they assigned Bruce Banner a role in the family:

    16. When they found the person that Hulk ripped his look off of:

    17. When they remembered Scrooge McDuck's five multiplujillion dollar fortune:

    makanvi / Via

    18. And when they reminded Iron Man that he wasn't the OG:

    lostwoods / Via Twitter: @Iostwoods

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