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19 Totally Amazing Quizzes To Take If You're Bored Out Of Your Gosh Darn Mind

Let's eat away the time!

Audrey Engvalson / BuzzFeed

1. I'm Positive I Can Guess Where You Live With Just 20 Questions β€” Trust Me

NBC / Getty

Let us guess where you live by your dialect. Take the quiz here.

3. If You Pass This Random Knowledge Quiz, You're Actually Too Smart


From geography to history, what do you know? Take the quiz here.

5. Can You Answer 10 Hard-But-Not-That-Hard SAT Questions From 1926?


Surely we know more than they did in 1926, right? Take the quiz here.

7. Tell Us Which VSCO Girl Trends You've Fallen Victim To And We'll Guess Your Age

Urban Outfitters

Top knots? Barrettes? Take the quiz here.

8. Most People Can't Tell These Iconic Disney And Pixar Movies Apart β€” Can You?

Disney / Pixar

Why do they look so similar??? Take the quiz here.

9. If You Can Tell These Dog Breeds Apart, You're A True Dog Expert


Do you know a Basset hound from a beagle? Take the quiz here.

10. Let's Decide Once And For All How These 13 Common Names Should Really Be Spelled

Netflix / NBC

Team Brittany or team Britney? Take the quiz here.

13. This Poll Will Reveal How Many People Agree With Your Wild Theories About The "Tiger King" Cast


It's time for you to share your opinions! Take the quiz here.

14. Sorry, Only People With Possible Psychic Powers Can Pass This Quiz


This quiz will test your deductive reasoning. Take the quiz here.

15. Answer These 12 Questions And We'll Tell You Your "Smart Type"


What kind of smart are you? Take the quiz here.

16. This "Friends" A–Z Quiz Will Reveal Which Main Character You Are


Go through the alphabet to find out who you are! Take the quiz here.

17. What % American Are Your Tastebuds?


If all of this looks good to you, you're definitely an American. Take the quiz here.

18. Only A Pro Procrastinator Has Done 17/29 Of These Things

E! / Fox

Don't put off taking this. Take the quiz here.

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