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McDonald's Sent Out A Hilarious Tweet By Mistake And Made A Flawless Recovery

Black Friday ***Need description***

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It's Black Friday, and while you're out buying a TV, I'm laughing at this McDonald's tweet.

mcdonaldscorp / Via Twitter: @McDonaldsCorp

It looks like McDonald's accidentally sent out a pre-planned tweet without said copy and link. Needless to say, because of this oopsie, Twitter is *ba da ba ba bah* lovin' it.

@Cryptotyrion @BatesByDre @McDonaldsCorp

weewoo_patrick / Via Twitter: @weewoo_patrick

There were social media jokes.

@McDonaldsCorp Social media managers reading this tweet

mattnavara / Via Twitter: @MattNavarra

There were publicity jokes.

musatariq / Via Twitter: @MusaTariq

And there were intern jokes.

veryfakephil / Via Twitter: @VeryFakePhil

Joking aside, we can all agree that McDonald's made the best recovery.

mcdonaldscorp / Via Twitter: @McDonaldsCorp

We're literally all like this without our coffee!

batesbydre / Via Twitter: @BatesByDre

It was still pretty funny though, so I'll leave you with this:

framedtweets / Via Twitter: @framedtweets

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