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Updated on Jan 27, 2020. Posted on May 11, 2019

Getting All Of These Random Questions Right Means You're, Like, A Mensa Member

I hope you're ready!

  1. Which word goes before moon, bayou, and blood?

  2. Which of these people can not be honored on a US postage stamp?


    No living person can be honored on a postage stamp.

  3. Which of these is the correct logo?

  4. How many running events are in a decathlon?

  5. Which celebrity has hosted SNL the most?

  6. Which of these is the capitol city of Morocco?

  7. Which of these substances has the lowest pH?

  8. Which of the following is the highest building in the world?

  9. Which of these has never been an Oscar category?

  10. Which of these foods doesn't normally have gluten in it?

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