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    By The End Of This Post, You'll Be Able To Draw Mickey Mouse

    WAAAAAY easier than I expected.

    What's up! My name's Audrey and I recently went down to Disney World to attend the opening of Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway, the new ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

    While I was there, I got a drawing lesson from Elsa, a Disney animator, and I TOOK NOTES. Grab a pen and paper because you're going to learn to draw Mickey!

    First of all, make sure your paper is turned vertically. Remember, when you draw, make a lot of light lines (that way you can shade in the ones you like). Ready?

    Start off drawing a circle in the middle of your page about the size of a clementine. Then, to measure his height, draw a line about two and a quarter circles under the top of his head.

    Draw a vertical line through the middle of your circle to the bottom line. It'll act as Mickey's spine. Then, draw a small oval a little under his head.

    A little below the midsection of the face, draw a horizontal curve. Under the curve, draw a smaller horizontal curve for his snout, and a small oval under that for his nose!

    Draw arcs on either side of his nose. These are his cheeks. Connect them with a nice big smile.

    Draw a big U-shape between his smile and the bottom line of his face to create his open mouth. Draw two little mounds for his tongue.

    Create a curve right under the bottom of his smile for his lip, and attach it to his head by making your favorite head line darker.

    Moving on to his eyes, you want to draw big oblong eyes that slant outward from the snout. Then, draw tiny pie wedges in the same side of each eye.

    For his mask, draw a V on the middle of his forehead, extend it to the edge of his head, then bring it back toward and around his smile line.

    For his ears, make a mark halfway between the smile line and the top of his head, then make guitar pick–shaped ears on either side of his head.

    Draw a curved line across the top of the lower oval to make the waistline of his shorts. Draw his signature buttons on either side of the spine line.

    Create two lines on either side of the spine line to make his torso. It sits well inside his oversized shorts.

    Draw two circles. One next to his hip and one next to his face. These will be his hands.

    Draw a C shape on top of the left glove to create his cuff.

    Draw lines from the bottom of his head to the sides of his glove to create his arm, which tapers toward his head.

    Make your C shape cuff and arm for the other glove.

    Draw three lines on the top of his left glove, as well as his fingers, which look like little sausages. Mickey only has four fingers (he has no pinkie).

    On the other hand, draw a C on the middle of the glove. That's his palm. Draw three sausage fingers on the top, and draw his thumb on the side.

    Draw two lines on either side of the spine line to create a leg. Draw a swoop at the bottom to create the top of his shoe.

    Wrap the shoe cuff around his foot, and make a big ol' eggplant shape for his shoe.

    Draw tiny lines at the bottom of his shoe and connect them with a straight line for his heel. His shoe also gets a little lip at the top!

    On the halfway point of his leg, draw a curved line for his shorts.

    Draw slanted lines out for his other leg, and add a C for the cuff of it. Draw another eggplant shape for the shoe.

    Draw an open-mouth smile at the bottom of his shoe for his heel, and add another small line above it to connect it to the shoe.

    Don't forget two small arches on the top of his shoe for the lip. Attach the lower arch to the heel.

    Make an arch on the midsection of his leg to create his other pant leg.

    Shade him in and sign it!

    You just drew Mickey Mouse! This is his updated style you can see in the Mickey Mouse shorts and on Disney World's new ride, Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway.

    How'd you do? This is my first attempt and my second attempt.

    They're...uh...not awesome. Hopefully you did better! Think of the comments section as my fridge. I want to see all of your beautiful masterpieces below!