22 Hotel Hacks That'll Blow Your Freakin' Mind

    OMG so smart.

    1. Close the weird gap in your blackout curtains with the clips of a hanger.

    2. Use the folded sheets to create a pocket for your phone when you don't have a nightstand.

    3. Attach your car's air vent clip to the A/C unit if your room smells funky.

    4. Use a hanger to hold the hotel door open while you bring in all of your belongings.

    5. Attach your keys to your phone charger so you don't forget either of them when you leave.

    6. Or, if you've forgotten a charger entirely, ask the front desk to loan you one that somebody else left behind.

    @81smallz one life hack is whenever you're in a hotel go to the front desk and ask for one, people leave all the time!

    7. Take a piece of plastic from one of the cups and screw them under the caps of your toiletries. That way, if they leak, you don't have anything to worry about.

    8. Or use those same bags to put over your TV remote so you don't have to deal with germs.

    9. Use a coffee cup to amplify your phone's sound when you forget to bring your speaker.

    10. Avoid overpriced mini bar charges by restocking it yourself with the same liquor from a drug store nearby (if it doesn't have fancy pressure plates).

    11. Flip a paper cup upside down and poke through the middle to make a toothbrush holder.

    12. Block outside noise and light with a strategically placed towel.

    #HotelHack: Roll up a towel and wedge it under the door to block the hall light and noise. #hotel

    13. In a pinch, use the back of a book of matches as a nail file.

    14. If you don't have a mini fridge, keep your things cold by filling up your sink with ice.

    15. Or, if you want something portable, put a fresh liner in the garbage can and fill that up with ice to create a giant cooler.

    16. If your hotel requires a card for the power to stay on, throw any type of card in there to charge your devices while you're away.

    #hotelhack- When u going out n need to charge your gadgets #lifehacks #traveldiaries #travel

    17. When making your hotel breakfast toast, position your butter on top of the toaster while your bread is in there to get it to a spreadable consistency.

    My little hotel breakfast buffet hack. Put rock hard butter on toaster for 1 min.Now it's spreadable. #traveltips101

    18. And use a coffee cup at the juice machine so you don't have to keep refilling it.

    19. Bring a reusable water bottle to refill in the hotel gym instead of paying for bottled water.

    Travel hack: bring a reusable water bottle and go to your hotel gym to fill it up. I’ve found this makes me more likely to stay hydrated on trips 👍🏾

    20. DIY a humidifier by running a towel under hot water and placing it on a table in front of the air vent.

    @mikeney's MacGyver-style hotel humidifier (last photo adds ice...)

    21. If you don't have a wall charger, check the back of the TV. It usually has a place to plug in a USB cord and you can charge your device.

    Hotel room tip: when you've forgotten to pack a converter plug for your powerbank, charge it with the USB socket on the TV. https://t.co/cHrvRmy5GK

    22. And use hot water from the coffee maker to perfectly craft a cup of instant noodles.

    Hotel Room Food Hack: making ramen noodle soup by getting hot water out of the coffee maker!