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    I Just Found Out What Was In The Original Nickelodeon Slime And Now I'm Tempted To Serve It For Thanksgiving

    Who could've guessed?

    If you ever watched TV as a child, you know what "getting slimed" is.

    But, during your youth, did you ever wonder where slime came from? If it hurt? How it tasted? And, most importantly, what was in it?

    Wonder no more! Marc Summers, who hosted Double Dare, revealed to People what's in that green stuff.

    Though Summers said the recipe has changed over the years, slime was originally made out of vanilla pudding, apple sauce, and green food coloring.

    Apparently, they chose the recipe because the insurance company wanted slime to be edible.

    “The insurance company made us guarantee if any of this got in the kids’ mouths it was edible,” said Summers. “And it tasted good, and it smelled great.”

    Now you can settle into bed tonight and sleep peacefully knowing that the biggest question in the universe has finally been answered.