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    Here's 21 Halloween Costumes That'll Probably Only Take A Grand Total Of 15 Minutes To Make

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    1. An Error Message:

    2. Nickelback:

    3. A Ceiling Fan:

    4. Life Advice:

    5. A Cow:

    6. A Strawberry:

    7. Iron Chef:

    8. A Domino:

    9. Throwback Thursday:

    10. Pumpkin Pi:

    11. Thief:

    12. A Dalmatian:

    13. Cactus:

    14. An Egg:

    15. Twister:

    16. A Ladybug:

    Looking for last minute couples costumes? I got you covered:

    17. Salt and Pepper:

    18. Green With Envy:

    19. Netflix and Chill:

    20. Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm:

    21. Charlie Brown and Linus:

    There you go! I saved you. Now, there's literally no excuse not to wear a costume!