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    These Grandparents In Halloween Costumes Are 0% Trick And 100% Treat

    Who knew grandparents were so good at Halloween?

    1. This grandpa whose Stinky Pete costume is 💯:

    ldsbooksthings / Via Twitter: @LDSBooksThings

    2. These grandparents who seriously delivered:

    sharkhvgger / Via Twitter: @sharkhvgger

    3. These grandparents who look more dapper than Minnie and Mickey themselves.

    jai_nich / Via Twitter: @Jai_Nich

    4. This grandma who rightfully won an award for her costume:

    angie_guenther / Via Twitter: @Angie_Guenther

    5. This grandpa who reminds us that adventure is out there:

    cath_oneill03 / Via Twitter: @cath_oneill03

    6. This grandma who is cooler than I will ever be:

    swagfag / Via Twitter: @swagfag

    7. This grandpa who is a "one night stand" (*slaps knee*):

    taylor_hurley15 / Via Twitter: @Taylor_Hurley15

    8. This GREAT grandma who wants a taste of that inflatable Halloween costume trend:

    justinefarago / Via Twitter: @JustineFarago

    9. This grandpa who we can all enjoy:

    ashleycayuca / Via Twitter: @ashleycayuca

    10. This grandma who is a literal superhero:

    yajairawrites / Via Twitter: @YajairaWrites

    11. This precious grandmother who is practically perfect in every way:

    haley22parker / Via Twitter: @haley22parker

    12. This grandma who's got those Star Trek vibes:

    dasiavux / Via Twitter: @DasiaVuX

    13. These grandparents who are the cutest bingo dotters on the planet:

    taylor_brookkee / Via Twitter: @taylor_brookkee

    14. This grandpa-banana who we truly do need to protect at all costs:

    kellyyturnerr / Via Twitter: @kellyyturnerr

    15. This grandpa, *ahem*, dinosaur, who can seriously rock that Jurassic Park costume:

    acupoftea / Via Twitter: @acupoftea

    16. These BFFs who aren't afraid of no ghosts:

    aleaajohnson / Via Twitter: @aleaajohnson

    17. This grandpa who's here for the laughs:

    anna_seethaler / Via Twitter: @anna_seethaler

    18. This grandpa whose Cat in the Hat costume makes me want to rhyme:

    niquueee / Via Twitter: @niQUUEEE

    19. This grandma who will grant your wishes and get you to the ball on time:

    brewinghapiness / Via Twitter: @brewinghappines

    20. This grandpa who is high-larious:

    mariah_wahlen / Via Twitter: @Mariah_Wahlen

    21. This grandpa who would beat the Flash with his cuteness powers:

    taybeachtay / Via Twitter: @taybeachtay

    22. And finally, this grandma who's really trying to make a statement with her costume:

    shemp357 / Via Twitter: @shemp357