I Came Across A Study That Says Seeing Cats On The Internet Decreases Negative Feelings, So Here Are 21 Cats That'll Hopefully Help

    My favorite one on this list is the video of the hydrogen and oxygen cats.

    Recently, I came across a study that says watching cats on the internet can "boost your energy level, heighten your positive emotions, and decrease your negative feelings." Let's put it to the test, shall we? Here are 22 cats I saved on Reddit because I liked them so much. Tell me at the end if it helped boost your mood. For science!

    1. This cat that became the advertising.

    2. This test that really showcases what's at the forefront of everyone's mind.

    3. This cat that's definitely not possessed.

    4. This cat that's definitely not summoning something from the great beyond.

    5. These cats illustrating a simple point.

    6. This cat with an unexpected best friend.

    Click the video to play it!

    7. This showstopper.

    8. This cat that just realized snowflakes may just be harder to catch than lasers.

    9. This cat that's getting all of its brushing out with the help of a friend.

    Scratchy from cute
    Click the video to play it!

    10. This incredibly photogenic cat.

    11. This cat that, without context, looks like it did something gruesome.

    Click the video to play it!

    12. This working barista.

    13. This dog...oh, wait.

    14. This double cat.

    15. This poky box.

    Click the video to play it!

    16. This economic trade.

    17. This cat who is very worried for its friend.

    Click the video to play it!

    18. This picture which speaks to anyone who's had the pleasure of sleeping with a cat.

    19. This chemistry lesson.

    20. This life imitating art.

    21. Finally, this advice, that I guarantee you're going to go try right meow.