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    18 Produce Facts That'll Make You Do A Double Take

    Don't forget to pick up mushrooms for your next family reunion.

    1. Loofahs are actually edible vegetables.

    Chatchaisurakram / Getty Images, Umdash9 / Getty Images

    They're part of the squash family.

    2. Adding salt to pineapple makes it sweeter.

    Yinyang / Getty Images, Sarapulsar38 / Getty Images

    This works because it suppresses the bitterness in the pineapple.

    3. Mushrooms share more DNA with humans than with vegetables.

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    We also share 99% of our DNA with bananas.

    4. Every part of watermelon is edible.

    Elena Volf / Getty Images

    The rind is actually very healthy.

    5. The word "orange" was originally named after the fruit, not the color.

    Ilietus / Getty Images

    There are quite a few languages that don't have a name for the color at all.

    6. You can buy fruit salad trees, which grow several different fruits on one plant.

    Fruit Salad Trees / Via

    They grow different varieties of the same family, so you could buy a citrus tree that grows lemons, limes, and oranges or a stonefruit tree that grows peaches, plums, and apricots.

    7. The world's shiniest living thing is actually a berry that grows in Africa.

    Juliano Costa / Via

    Scientists think that they mimic a similar looking berry grown in that region to trick birds into carrying their seeds.

    8. Oranges are often sold in red bags because it makes the color of the fruit look deeper.

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    This is known as Munker's illusion.

    9. Carrots actually aren't good for rabbits.

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    They can cause digestive problems and tooth decay.

    10. Peaches and nectarines are the same fruit.

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    A recessive gene can prevent them from being fuzzy and that's what makes the difference.

    11. Vegetables in Alaska grow oversized because of the amount of sun they get.

    Liz / Via

    Some days of the year, Alaska can get up to 20 hours of sun.

    12. Potato plants sometimes grow poisonous fruit.

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    They look like tomatoes because tomatoes and potatoes are both part of the nightshade family.

    13. The world's largest cashew tree covers 80,000 square feet.

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    This is all part of it.

    14. If you ate a different variety of apple per day, it would take over 20 years to try them all.

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    There are over 7,500 varieties.

    15. There is a berry that can change the way that your taste buds perceive flavor when you eat it.

    Hamale Lyman / Via

    It's named Synsepalum dulcificum and it can make lemons taste "as sweet as candy."

    16. Your skin can get second-degree burns if you leave lime juice on it during a hot and sunny day. It's often referred to as "margarita dermatitis."

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    Photosensitizing properties in limes make the area more prone to irritation. Other produce that can cause this are celery and parsley.

    17. The apples that Johnny Appleseed planted were most likely used for hard apple cider.

    Traveler1116 / Getty Images

    The apples he planted were too bitter to eat alone and the cider was safer to drink than the water.

    18. And coconut water has been successfully used as an IV injection for treating dehydration.

    Pilipphoto / Getty Images, Thekopmylife / Getty Images

    It's sterile and isotonic, and was used in an emergency for a patient on the Solomon Islands.