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    18 Things You Can Do At Disney World For Free And Without A Theme Park Ticket

    I could spend all day watching the zebras and giraffes and it wouldn't cost me a dime.

    Vacations can add up, and while the happiest place on Earth isn't the cheapest place on Earth, there are still things you can do to soak in the magic without spending an arm and a leg.

    And while people go to Disney World for the four theme parks, there are so many other things on Disney property to do and see (some of them don't even cost a thing). Here are my favorites:

    the welcome sign outside the park

    1. Go to Animal Kingdom Lodge and spot the giraffes.

    the floor to ceiling windows showing the outside with animals to view

    2. Do a scavenger hunt.

    close up of the scavenger hunt paper

    3. Watch fireworks.

    a person watching the fireworks show from afar

    4. Listen to live music on the Trader Sam's patio at the Polynesian Resort.

    5. Meet the Coca-Cola bear.

    a person hugging the stuffed bear

    6. Watch the Electric Water Pageant.

    a family watching the show

    7. Visit the horses at the Tri-Circle-D ranch.

    horses being walked out of their stables

    8. Look for Hidden Mickeys.

    a bakery display window

    9. Check out the glass artist at Arribas Brothers in Disney Springs.

    a person glass blowing

    10. Wash your hands at Basin.

    close up of hands being washed

    11. Watch an artist sketch Disney characters at Disney Springs.

    12. Relax in a hammock at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort.

    the resort by the water and a child in a hammock

    13. Walk the Boardwalk Inn and see live entertainment like jugglers, magicians, and more.

    the boardwalk at night

    14. Visit the T-Rex Cafe Play Zone.

    the cafe with a large replica of T-Rex bones outside

    15. Ride the Skyliner.

    the sky tram

    16. Ride the Monorail

    17. Listen to a concert at Disney Springs.

    a group on stage

    18. Finally, park for free at Disney Springs.

    outside the large Springs Bottling Co building