Seasoned Travelers Shared Airplane Hacks And It's Making Me Look Forward To My Next Flight

    So simple, and so smart!

    Honestly, I'm in awe of people who travel on airplanes all of the time because whenever I fly, it's always cold, cramped, and boring. But I recently stumbled on these Quora threads, where seasoned travelers shared all of their genius tricks to make air travel more bearable. Take notes, friends.

    1. "If you are staying at a hotel, grab those cheap slippers and use them on flights. Having your shoes on for 12 hours really leads to poor circulation and cold feet."

    Aakash Sachdev

    2. "If they serve you a glass of something, ask for the whole can. Nine times out of ten, they’ll give it to you."

    John Beechen

    3. "Eat a heavy meal before boarding. It helps you sleep better."

    Kamal Krishna

    4. "If you are in the economy cabin and the flight is lightly loaded, choose a middle seat. Watch the front door carefully while people are boarding. As soon as that door closes and no one else is coming on board, shift yourself rapidly to your preferred seat."

    Nicolai Edward

    5. "Bring some wet wipes. Wipe down the armrests, the tray, and anything you’ll be touching at your seat during the flight. People don’t get sick just because of the dry, recirculated air. It’s often because there isn’t time to clean every surface in a plane between flights."


    6. "Download the airline’s app prior to boarding the airplane so you can access the onboard entertainment."

    Oana Miller

    7. "If liquor or other drinks are served in-flight, and you want to repeat your order, then go for last row seat closer to the pantry. Flight attendants generally don't mind serving you extra if you're sitting closer to the pantry."

    Pankaj Kumar

    8. "Bring an adjustable cotton belt. I find that a yoga strap is a great one (you’re not wearing it, you just want something long that loops on itself, so a scarf would work too). Loop the belt through the tray table and close it. Then, adjust it so that your feet can rest as far up or down on the seat in front of you as is comfortable for your knees."

    Jen Tros

    9. "Book flights that depart in the evening, so that after dinner on the plane, you can get some sleep."

    Sabarish Palanisamy

    10. "Carrying a small medicine bag with pain killers, sinus decongestants, eye drops, nose spray, antacid, and anti-nausea tablets will be handy."

    Fulya Ustunkan

    11. "Brush your teeth before landing. It makes you feel human again and wakes you up."

    Anna Ongpin

    12. "To avoid jet lag, adjust your wrist watch to the destination time of your current flight as soon as you board. Then, tell yourself you are in that time."

    Raman Kaul

    13. "Sleep two or three hours the day before the flight and do a lot of exercise. Then, you arrive at the plane completely exhausted, you eat, and the next thing you remember is that you are arriving at your destination."

    Luis Argerich

    14. "On long flights, apply a moisturizing lotion on your feet, face, and palms. In-flight atmosphere is very dry, mainly due to the pressurization and air conditioning system."

    Ajinkya Mate

    15. "Bring a cable organizer. When you’re watching a movie or a TV show and your meal comes round, all the wires get tangled up. It usually results in the headphones getting pulled out."


    16. "Use compression socks! I bought a pair for use on my last overseas flight and they really do make a huge difference in swelling and comfort."

    Belinda Lopez

    17. Finally, "Bring a cup of noodle soup on a long-haul flight. Ask for boiling water and enjoy a salty meal between other meals."

    Ryan Adam

    What's your genius travel hack? We want to know! Tell us in the comments below!

    Entries have been edited for length and clarity.