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14 People Behind Mega Viral Vines And What They Look Like Now

The "I smell like beef" girl is all grown up!

1. "Why You Always Lyin'?":

downgoes.fraser / Via, downgoes_fraser / Via

Fun Fact: This classic bop was based off of a longer version Instagram video that Nicholas Fraser posted.

2. "I smell like beef":

Katie Ryan / Via, Katie Ryan / Via

Fun Fact: She's now a YouTuber!

3. "Hey, I'm sorry I didn't see you there. I was too busy mmmm.....blockin' out the haters:" / Via, thebrandonbowen / Via

Fun Fact: Brandon Bowen amassed over two billion loops on Vine.

4. "I love Chipotle":

yungsofi / Via, yungsofi / Via

Fun Fact: This iconic vine was captured by his older sister.

5. "Wow":

Jared Friedman / Via Sadcum /, morgan_hargrove / Via Twitter: @morgan_hargrove

Fun Fact: There was a sequel to "Wow" posted on Twitter.

6. "Hi, welcome to Chili's":

Adam Perkins / Via ItsMeTheBanana /, plas_teg / Via

Fun Fact: Adam's favorite TV show is The Office.

7. "Road work ahead? Uhh, yeah, I sure hope it does":

drewisgooden / Via

Fun Fact: Drew Gooden now sells merch inspired by his famous Vine.

8. "I sneezed on the beet and the beet got sicker":

Gregor Reynolds / Via, Gregor Reynolds / Via

Fun Fact: Gregor Reynolds started making videos when he was 8 years old.

9. "I'm in me mom's car. Broom broom":

lsimmonds49 / Via Twitter: @Lsimmonds49, tishcrazy / Via

Fun Fact: Tish Simmonds is still making videos, but she's also doing charity work!

10. "Eyebrows on fleek":

Peaches Monroee / Via, peaches_monroee / Via Twitter: @peaches_monroee

Fun Fact: Peaches Monroee now has her own beauty line!

11. "Ninki Minjaj":

cornib bleau / Via, colestwitt3r / Via Twitter: @ColesTwitt3r

Fun Fact: Cole Hersch is a ClickHole contributor!

12. Head bobbing vine:

Parker Kit Hill / Via, parketkithill / Via

Fun Fact: Parker Kit Hill studied ballet in New York City.

13. "It is Wednesday, my dudes":

Jimmy Here / Via, realjimmyhere / Via Twitter: @realjimmyhere

Fun Fact: Jimmy is a Twitch Streamer and a YouTuber.

14. Who is she?:

chloe lmao / Via, contrachloe / Via

Fun Fact: Chloe Woodard was a finalist for the very last Viner of the Year Shorty Award.

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