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    16 People You Won't Recognize, But Whose Voices You've Heard 1,500 Times

    From the "You've Got Mail" voice to the Geico Gecko to the lady who always tells you that you dialed the wrong number.

    1. "You've Got Mail" β€” Elwood Edwards

    2. Geico Gecko β€” Jake Wood

    3. Pillsbury Doughboy β€” JoBe Cerny

    4. Hump Day Camel β€” Chris Sullivan

    5. Progressive Box β€” Chris Parnell

    6. Siri β€” Susan Bennett

    7. Aflac Duck β€” Daniel McKeague

    8. Voicemail lady β€” Jane Barbe

    9. The "In a World Where" voiceovers from every movie trailer ever β€” Redd Pepper and Don LaFontaine

    10. Mario β€” Charles Martinet

    11. The Ghost Host from the Haunted Mansion β€” Paul Frees

    12. Kool-Aid Man β€” Frank Simms

    13. The Home Depot commercial β€” Josh Lucas

    14. Perry the Platypus β€” Dee Bradley Baker

    15. Minions β€” Pierre Coffin

    16. Tony the Tiger β€” Thurl Ravenscroft