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16 People Who Got Famously Meme'd And What They Look Like Now

Gotta love a good meme.

1. Roll Safe


Fun Fact: This meme was taken from BBC's #HoodDocumentary. The actor in it, Kayode Ewumi, is in another BBC series called Enterprice.

2. The Most Interesting Man in the World

Dos Equis, Taylor Hill / Getty Images

Fun Fact: The actor, Jonathan Goldsmith, was also in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.

3. Confused Nick Young

Cassy Athena / Via, Rachel Murray / Getty Images

Fun Fact: This reaction image was captured during a video about Nick Young's life when Nick's mom claimed that he acted like a clown when he was a kid.

4. Why Don't We Have Both?

Old El Paso, lilmissimoo / Via

Fun Fact: The little girl from the Old El Paso commercial is now a very talented artist!

5. Salt Bae

nusr_et / Via, nusr_et / Via

Fun Fact: Salt Bae owns 14 different restaurants across the world.

6. Petty Skai Jackson

skaijackson / Via Twitter: @skaijackson, David Livingston / Getty Images

Fun Fact: The picture of this meme was taken in 2016 before Skai went on Fox 5 NY.

7. That Would Be Great

Fox, Kabbage

Fun Fact: Aside from Office Space, the actor from the meme, Gary Cole, has also been in films such as One Hour Photo and Talledega Nights, and has done voice work for shows like Bob's Burgers and Family Guy.

8. Schrute Facts

NBC, Rich Polk / Getty Images

Fun Fact: Rainn Wilson acted out this meme for a video that was featured in College Humor's series "Malarious."

9. Conceited Reaction

GunitASIA / Via, Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images

Fun Fact: Conceited has even referenced this meme a few times on his Instagram page.

10. What If I Told You...

Warner Bros., Earl Gibson Iii / Getty Images

Fun Fact: The words "what if I told you" aren't a quote from the Matrix movie that this image is taken from, even though that's the most popular way to caption the meme

11. Annoyed Picard

Paramount Television, Dan Istitene / Getty Images

Fun Fact: Picard isn't angry in this reaction image. He's actually quoting Shakespeare.

12. Am I the Only One Around Here...

Polygram Filmed Entertainment, Theo Wargo / Getty Images

Fun Fact: This meme was taken from a scene in The Big Lebowski during a dispute involving a bowling score.

13. How Do You Do, Fellow Kids?

NBC, Elvis Barukcic / AFP / Getty Images

Fun Fact: Steve Buscemi is the star of several other memes, including "Buscemi Eyes," where people take his eyes and Photoshop them on someone else.

14. Hide the Pain Harold

asimonereid / Via Twitter: @asimonereid, András Arató / Via

Fun Fact: András Arató found an entire group dedicated to his meme on the Russian social media site VK.

15. Math Lady

TV Globo, Raphael Dias / Getty Images

Fun Fact: This meme is taken from the Brazilian soap opera, Senhora do Destino.

16. Aliens

History Channel, Tsoukalos / Via Twitter: @Tsoukalos

Fun Fact: Alongside being the host of Ancient Aliens, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos is a publisher, founder of Ancient Astronaut & SETI Research Association, and a world traveler.

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