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21 Tweets Only People Who Are In A Committed Relationship With Extra Cheese Will Get

This post will make you feel gouda.

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1. This person who's contemplating relationship woes:

sarahraesings / Via Twitter: @sarahraesings

2. This person who never wants it to stop:

heatherfalk / Via Twitter: @heatherfalk

3. This person who just can't get enough:

iamroxxyhaze / Via Twitter: @iamroxxyhaze

4. And this person who finds love where the cheese is:

arfmeasures / Via Twitter: @ArfMeasures

5. This person who can tell good from evil:

calemcrae / Via Twitter: @CaleMcRae

6. This person who is evil but in a good way:

eliteyeojin / Via Twitter: @eliteyeojin

7. This person who knows how to party:

official_howe / Via Twitter: @Official_Howe

8. This person who knows extra cheese is always an option:

nathanwpyle / Via Twitter: @nathanwpyle

9. And this person who doesn't need your questioning:

anna_kate_d / Via Twitter: @anna_kate_d

10. This person who's recreating a classic:

theonlygolden / Via Twitter: @theonlygolden

11. This person who thinks asking for extra cheese is a dumb question:

2outhits / Via Twitter: @2outhits

12. This person who wants the whole block:

itss_billybob / Via Twitter: @Itss_BillyBob

13. This person who doesn't care if they have to raise their voice:

balkanfur / Via Twitter: @balkanfur

14. This person who's telling you exactly what they want to hear:

yaaasqmel / Via Twitter: @YaaasQMel

15. This person who has their priorities straight:

iamchiragmistry / Via Twitter: @iamchiragmistry

16. This person who gets sent into a trance when they hear "extra cheese":

quesowayso / Via Twitter: @Quesowayso

17. This person who has no problem going medieval:

beyonc-ray / Via Twitter: @beyonc_ray

18. And this person who knows what it'll take:

lewismaaate / Via Twitter: @lewismaaate

19. This presidential hopeful who has my vote:

iskandargh / Via Twitter: @iskandargh

20. And this person who's lifelong journey for more cheese will never stop:

torferrante / Via Twitter: @torferrante

21. In conclusion, cheese is the reason for existence:

ohmykikachu / Via Twitter: @OhMyKikachu

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