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Everyone Has Questions About Upside Down Christmas Trees Including Me And Probably You


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There's a trend that's already gained popularity this Christmas, and it's none other than the upside down Christmas tree.

severingfayth / Via Twitter: @SeveringFayth

What was wrong with regular Christmas trees that we now have to invert them, you may ask?

theldndiaries / Via Twitter: @TheLDNDiaries

I have absolutely no fucking clue.

vryed / Via Twitter: @Vryed

Luckily, I don't have to, because people from all over the internet can give us valid arguments about both directions of the tree.

This #Christmas tree at the Hotel Del Coronado is upside down! Some find it artistic while others say it's disrespeā€¦

danielleradin / Via Twitter: @danielleradin

Some people love it.

melissaxist / Via Twitter: @melissaxist

They say it's completely appropriate.

mlancefrazier / Via Twitter: @MLanceFrazier

And, it's great because pets and kids can't ruin the tree.

themominatrixx / Via Twitter: @TheMominatrixx

Others are upset.

dmartosko / Via Twitter: @dmartosko

They don't understand why the trees cost so much money.

schaferwafer / Via Twitter: @schaferwafer

And they're looking for answers.

welshhottie83 / Via Twitter: @WelshHottie83

Me, too, though. Me too.

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  1. What do you think?

    What do you think?
    Keep my Christmas trees right side up, thank you.
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    Via Getty
    It's derivative, and I like it.
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    Via Getty
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