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    I Just Learned Which European Countries Do And Don't Drink Tap Water, And It's So Interesting

    Norway ✅, but Italy ❌.

    Recently, I stumbled on a Reddit thread from u/Lord_of_Gold asking people in Europe whether they do or don't drink tap water. It's actually VERY interesting. Here, see for yourself...

    1. Finland:

    "It's rare to drink other than tap water in Finland."


    2. Iceland:

    "Same here in Iceland. We pride ourselves in the quality of our tap water. Bacteria is killed with UV light so there's nothing added to it. We had a big scandal a few years back where the owner of a small boutique hotel told his guests not to trust the tap water but instead sold bottled water in the rooms...bottles he filled straight from the tap."


    3. Bulgaria:

    "It really depends on where you live. For example, the tap water in Sofia is really good but the water in Plovdiv isn't and you have to drink bottled water."


    4. Italy:

    "We are probably the biggest consumers of bottled water in Europe. Our tap water is perfectly safe to drink, but in most cities it doesn't taste very good. We put a bit more chlorine disinfectant compared to other countries. It's also marketing. We were bombarded with advertising for bottled waters since the dawn of television and they seem to have worked quite well. Also, unlike in other countries, our bottled water is not just tap water put in a bottle. It has to be collected directly from a spring and it honestly DOES taste good on average. In the last decade or so, I've seen more people drink tap water. If you let it sit in the fridge in an uncapped bottle, the chlorine goes away and it tastes much better. Some people use Brita jugs for the same reason."


    5. Ireland:

    "Very common. I don't ever use bottled water unless I buy it while out somewhere or if there's a boil water notice."


    6. The Netherlands:

    "Here in the Netherlands, everyone basically drinks tap water. Home is where the water has that familiar taste."


    7. Sweden:

    "Tap water all the way, but then again, some of those fancy bottled waters are literally just some municipal tap water from here or Norway."


    8. Czechia:

    "Absolutely, I think there are some places with quality (or distribution) problems here and there, but generally tap water it is. I never bought bottled water to drink at home."


    9. Spain:

    "Madrid truly has the best tap water I've ever tasted, though. As for tap water in Central Andalucia: Hell no, I don't want to drink my water at 30ºC, thanks."


    10. Slovenia:

    "Yes, of course. Our tap water is of excellent quality in most parts of the country."


    11. Germany:

    "While tap water is popular, and the Soda Stream is getting more popular, I'd say that bottled sparking water is still more common. The tap water quality is great, though."


    12. Greece:

    "It depends on where you live. Usually, coastal areas or islands don't have that good of a quality water and buy bottled. Then again, further into the mainland, it's totally fine, but even there, in some may have too much chlorine to the point you can taste it, averting people from consuming it."


    13. Poland:

    "It’s getting more popular but most people still drink from bottles, at least in my area. I’m not one of them, though. My grandma, for example, claims that especially in bigger cities the water is undrinkable because of the amount of rats per person."


    14. United Kingdom:

    "I think most people drink tap water here. I know tap water is safe to drink pretty much everywhere in Europe, but some of it doesn't taste great. Maybe that's the reason? In some parts of the UK, tap water is really good quality and just the same as the stuff in bottles. Sadly not in my area, but it still tastes fine if you run the tap for a bit."


    15. Austria:

    "The only time people buy bottled water is when they want to have sparkling water. Tap water is as clean as can be."


    16. France:

    "Super common, only water I buy bottled is sparkling because I love myself a nice fresh San Pellegrino on a hot day. Otherwise I only drink tap water."


    17. Albania:

    "Most cities other than the capital drink tap water and wouldn't even think about buying. Tirana, though, has really bad quality of tap water and most people buy bottled."


    18. Ukraine:

    "The quality of water depends from city to city. But as far as I know, most people in cities either buy water or refill it on some kind of public spring (especially in the region of the Carpathian mountains). Some people also install personal filters for tap water."


    19. Macedonia:

    "Yes, tap water and we also drink water directly from the springs, some are even naturally sparkling, believe it or not."


    20. Portugal:

    "If you came here, I'd offer you water in a bottle. But it's actually tap water that I put in a bottle to put in the fridge. This is common in Portugal."


    21. Croatia:

    "I would (and do) drink tap water pretty much anywhere in the country."


    22. Estonia:

    "Over here, it is also very common to drink tap water. I have heard that in some areas of the capital people don't, but I am unsure if the quality is really different or those people are just weird snobs. The places I lived at the capital had no problem with tap water."


    23. Kosovo:

    "Scientifically speaking, tap water in Prishtina is safe to drink and tastes good. Nevertheless, everyone I know only uses tap water for cooking, making tea, and other activities where you boil the water first. If you just want to drink it, then you go for bottled water."


    24. Lithuania:

    "Tap water for sure. All of it is directly from springs."


    25. Switzerland:

    "Here tap water is so good it's not only found in taps. You can actually drink from almost every fountain. Doesn't matter if in the city or on top of a mountain, you see a fountain thingy you can drink from it. If it's unsafe to drink, there will be a sign (for example, toilets on trains)."

    u/i_ got _ no _ ideas

    26. Scotland:

    "The tap water here is so good (at least in rural areas) that it is basically the same stuff they sell in bottles as luxury-branded 'Scottish mineral water.' If you are in the cities, it's not as good, but still perfectly safe and good to drink — and most people do."


    27. Denmark:

    "I would never buy water unless it's free with my takeaway meal. Tap water is the shit."


    28. Luxembourg:

    "Yes. I only drink tap water! I am always surprised when someone doesn't."


    29. Belgium:

    "I have a filter on a separate faucet and only basically drink that. But I'm cheap. The idea of paying for drinks is just dumb imo when you can get it for (nearly) free. Overall, I think most buy bottled still water."


    30. Romania:

    "Places where I lived (Moldova and in Bucharest), the vast majority of people would either use some kind of filter (either a Brita or something built into their kitchen sink) or would buy those 5L bottles from the store."


    31. Finally, Norway:

    "The only times I don’t drink tap water is when I am out of the country. I've never been anywhere that has as good tap water as Norway (except maybe Sweden), and it’s always a delight coming home from travel. You can grab yourself a glass of cold delicious water straight from the tap."


    OK, now please tell me...where is the best place you've ever had tap water? LMK in the comments below!