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    14 Weddings Where "I Had A Bad Time" Was A Complete And Total Understatement

    "After my new husband said his vows to love, honor, and cherish, the pastor told me to love, honor, and obey."

    I recently shared drama-filled wedding horror stories, and asked the BuzzFeed Community if they had any juicy wedding details they wanted to share anonymously. What follows are 14 exceptionally terrible-sounding weddings I'm really glad I didn't attend.

    1. "I was a musician at the wedding of someone I had known since she was 4 years old. Her new MIL was singing in the wedding. She showed up expecting to be the center of attention and pouted when she was treated like she’s no better than anyone else. Well, at the reception, she’d had enough. While the happy couple had a blast cutting the cake, the MIL approached me and the pianist to say, 'Everyone is paying attention to [bride’s name], and nobody is recognizing that I’m the mother of the groom. I’m gonna go tell her she needs to stop hogging all the attention.' As she turned toward the newlyweds, I said, 'Oh, no. They’re all paying attention to [bride] because they feel sorry for her. Everyone knows the most important person here is the mother of the groom.' The dingbat bought it and chilled out. Good thing for her because I decided right there that I would grind this lady into the floor before I let her bully this girl on her wedding day."

    Wedding cake toppers

    2. "I was a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding. The girlfriend of the groom’s cousin showed up late to the very formal wedding — right as the bride started walking down the aisle — wearing a tight, short, low-cut bandage dress that was WHITE. All of the pictures of the bride walking down the aisle with her dad have this girl she had never met before standing in the background. The groom’s cousin and the girlfriend got totally plastered at the reception, got in a huge fight because he was aggressively flirting with one of the bartenders in front of her, and broke up. At least my friend will always have the wedding pictures to remember her by."

    3. "My husband’s coworker RSVP’d that he couldn’t come because he was going to a USC (his alma mater) football game. They were playing my alma mater, and there’s a rivalry. USC won. So, the coworker showed up at our reception, again having RSVP’d no, to make fun of me because my alma mater lost, drink free booze in celebration of 'his' win, and say my husband still could find a hotter wife for his second."

    4. "I went to the wedding of my aunt’s stepdaughter, and everything was beautiful and going great until it came time for the bride to walk down the aisle. She basically stormed down it, then threw her bouquet at the groom and started screaming and crying. We then found out (in a very dramatic fashion) that the groom had been having an AFFAIR with the bride's mother (my aunt) for basically the entirety of their relationship. The groom was not even remotely embarrassed and proceeded to state how he was in love with my aunt but stayed with my step-cousin because he didn’t want to hurt her feelings. The whole affair was very dramatic, and we left soon after the bride stormed out. Fast-forward to three months later, I received a wedding invitation from him and my aunt."

    5. "We had an adult-only reception because some friends and family have used me for a designated babysitter while they party, and this was my special day. I made arrangements for some children to be there, but very few. My horrible step-sister decided to make herself the wedding police and kicked them out of my wedding! I had no idea what was going on and figured they couldn’t make it. She later loaded food, drinks, presents, and our evening wedding night picnic into her car and left! She called me a month later to tell me she had a horrible time."

    6. "We hosted our son’s rehearsal dinner at a restaurant near the venue. There were name cards for everyone we invited. Two relatives of the bride, not in the wedding party, came to the dinner and sat at a nearby table. They not only ordered an expensive meal, but ordered an additional meal for takeout and told the staff to put it on our tab. Not wanting to make a scene, my husband paid for it, but they got an ear-full from the bride’s father."

    7. "I was so looking forward to saying my vows after eight years of dating. Our pastor was more conservative than we were, but we had good conversations about it over the years, and I expected he would be accommodating to our (especially my) wishes. After my new husband said his vows to love, honor, and cherish, the pastor told me to love, honor, and obey. I freaked out, stammered, and stared at the pastor."

    8. "I was a very close friend of the bride, and one of the few that remained single. When it came time to throw the bouquet, she made a point of standing in front of me, looking over her shoulder at me, and winking. She threw the bouquet, and her recently widowed mother runs in from the sidelines, jumps in front of me, and grabs the bouquet. In the end, the bride spoke privately to her mother, wrestled the bouquet away from her, and gave it to me. After that, I was less than enthused to get it."

    A bride preparing to throw the bouquet

    9. "At my adults-only-requested reception, which was politely stated on the invitations, a couple decided to bring their three kids anyway. On the RSVP, they never mentioned bringing them, which also threw off the meal count. Rather than get a sitter, and trust me, these people are very wealthy and could afford a sitter, they decided to ignore our request. Not only were these kids running around, screaming, throwing food, interrupting speeches and dances, and making a general mess of everything, they decided to pull the fire alarm, and the fire department came out."

    10. "I was dating someone who was still super close with their high school friends. They were part of the wedding party for the wedding of one of the girls who was first to get married. This bride lucked out. The groom was head over heels in love with her…and so was one of the ushers. During the toasts, the usher who knew the bride since high school grabbed a hold of the mic and proceeded to slowly and painfully confess his love for the bride in the most awkward toast of the century. The kicker was that not one person at the reception, none of the members of the bridal party, or the wedding planner, thought to take the microphone away from this man."

    11. "Early in my wedding photographer career, I was photographing a wedding where the reception was in the bride's parent's backyard. It was summer and, with all of the food laid out, the food was starting to, shall we say, decompose, but the bride and groom had not shown up at the reception. Everyone was getting frustrated, children were hungry but couldn't be fed because the bride and groom weren't there. When they finally did arrive, he was carrying her because she was so drunk. Seems that they had stopped by a bar, and because they were dressed in a tux and wedding dress, they were given free drinks. They proceeded to bar hop for an hour-and-a-half and got served free drinks wherever they went."

    12. "My sister and I were supposed to be maid of honor and bridesmaids for one of our relative's wedding. Our mother was diagnosed with cancer. We tried to raise some money as our mom would no longer be able to work. One of us stated we would shave our heads as a tribute to our mother. Well, the bride and the bride's mother went off the rails and stated that the bride wanted nice wedding photos and that if one of us had no hair, the pictures would be ruined. This would also take away from the bride. Never once did they care about why one of us wanted to shave our heads or asked when it was going to happen. We both got kicked out of the wedding party. All of this happened through text message. The bride's parents then asked for the dresses that we paid for so the new bridesmaids could have them!"

    13. "There was an open bar at my brother's wedding, and I wanted to make sure him and his new wife knew how much I cared about their new life. It was probably a booze-filled feeling. Seven minutes into a speech, my husband sat me down like someone being played out at the Oscars 😂."

    14. Finally, "This was my own wedding. My husband had picked his best friend from college as his best man for the wedding. His parents were furious that he had not selected one of his brothers and apparently really didn't like the guy. Come wedding day, the best man was supposed to drive us from the church to the reception after the wedding ceremony. The car was filthy. I had to move beer bottles to get in the car, and then, he ran out of gas in triple digit temperatures on the highway on the way there! I had to stand in my wedding dress on the side of the highway sweating away waiting while he and my husband went walking to the next exit to find a gas station and bring back gas for the car (this was before cellphones). After waiting and nearly fainting from the heat, someone I knew finally drove past about 45 minutes later and took me on to the reception without my husband. It took them two hours to find gas and get back to the car."

    Do you have a wedding story that, for lack of a better word, is bananas? Tell us in the comments below or share it in this completely anonymous Google form!