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I Laughed Really Hard At These 23 Pictures, And I'm Advising You Not To Look At Them Unless You Want To Laugh, Too

I'm warning you.

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1. Don't read this final wish:

alex_but_online / Via Twitter: @Alex_but_online

2. Don't read about this unrealistic standard:

puertohurraco / Via

3. Don't read this very sad Backyardigans account:

targuzzler / Via

4. Don't read this movie review:

deceive-remade / Via

5. Don't read about this party:

keepongaming / Via

6. Don't read about this dog's diet:

whatevernatureis / Via

7. Don't even look at this man:

zackisontumblr / Via

8. Don't read this triumph:

joshux / Via

9. Don't read about this courtship:

yoselyne / Via

10. Don't look at this mistake:

11. Don't read this plot of literally every horse movie:

sacastic / Via

12. Don't read this plot twist, either:

elizabeth-catarina / Via

13. Don't read this pet story:

puppersofnewyork / Via

14. Don't read about this love letter:

raiseyoulikeaphoenix / Via

15. And don't read about these cows:

notchicken / Via

16. Don't read into this picture:

sis-nyc / Via

17. Don't try to figure this one out:

forsciencejohn / Via

18. Don't check out these clouds:

toothpast / Via

19. Don't read this beauty story:

beefycurtains / Via

20. Don't look at this recipe:

slimeweeb / Via

21. Don't read these instructions:

slightmood / Via

22. Don't look at this text post:

dajo42 / Via

23. And — I'm warning you...don't watch this Vine:

YT: WeaklingChris / Via

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