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    Cole Sprouse May Have Won Christmas With His Very Strange Gift To Dylan Sprouse

    "A well hung penis makes for a happy home."

    By now, you're probably familiar with Dylan and Cole Sprouse. They're former Disney Channel stars, models, NYU graduates, and Dukes of Twitter.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    They take shots at each other on social media whenever they can, and it's some pretty entertaining shit.

    colesprouse / Via Twitter: @colesprouse
    dylansprouse / Via Twitter: @dylansprouse

    Which is why I started cackling when Cole took to Twitter to announce his brother's confusion about his Christmas gift.

    colesprouse / Via Twitter: @colesprouse

    It was a pull-down chart of an anatomically correct male reproductive system, like the kind Mrs. Richardson had in my seventh grade health class.

    colesprouse / Via Twitter: @colesprouse

    And Dylan wasn't really sure what to do with it.

    colesprouse / Via Twitter: @colesprouse

    First of all:

    colehearted / Via Twitter: @coIeharted

    And fans were quick to ask some serious questions about the exchange...

    dobrikslayer / Via Twitter: @dobrikslayer

    ...about loaning it out...

    camzxlili / Via Twitter: @CamzxLili

    ...and about the cold reception of the gift.

    melanieee / Via Twitter: @melanieee

    But overall, I agree with Cole. It belongs in the study.

    kevcash26 / Via Twitter: @KevCash26

    Anyway —

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