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    17 People Who Didn't Mean To Be Funny At Christmas, But Wow Did It Happen Anyway

    Here I am writing an actual letter to Santa when the real letters he wants are L, M, N, O, and P.

    1. This unfortunate cookie mistake:

    2. The unintended consequence of an emphasized "I":

    3. This sweet card that went from G-rated to X-rated real quick:

    4. This incredibly secret and well-disguised gift:

    5. This lil' Christmasy twist:

    6. This addition to the Christmas story:

    7. This unsettlingly tall snowman:

    8. This unorthodox-yet-on-brand ornament placement:

    9. This very smooth cover-up:

    10. These letters for Santa:

    While this picture was found on the subreddit r/KidsAreFuckingStupid, I, for one, think this child is brilliantly literal.

    11. This Santa Claus who's coming to town...but it may take a while:

    12. This minimalist tree:

    13. This possessed Saint Duckolas:

    14. This cooking disaster:

    15. This uncensored fold:

    16. This apron that recounts my two fave pastimes:

    17. Finally, these Santa cupcakes that look more like Saint Nick is ready for 4/20 instead of 12/25: