Justin Bieber, Hillary Clinton, And 22 Other Famous People Who Were Ripped Apart On "Between Two Ferns"

    "I walked out of that movie. I'm just kidding, I didn't walk out — I skipped out because I was so happy to be leaving."

    1. When President Barack Obama made it perfectly clear that Zach Galifianakis was the exact opposite of "a person of interest":

    Zach: I don't have a phone. I'm off the grid, I don't want you people, like, looking at my texts if you know what I mean Obama: First of all, Zach, nobody's interested in your texts

    2. When Zach delivered this gem to John Legend:

    Zach: Can I get an autograph for my mom John: Sure, no problem Zach: Because she wants to give it to her mom

    3. When Zach's question made Benedict Cumberbatch's jaw drop:

    Zach: You got your start doing theater and independent films and now you're acting in  Marvel movies. How good does it feel to sell out?

    4. But Zach didn't stop there:

    Zach: if you didn't have an accent, do you think people would be able to tell that you're not a very good actor?

    5. When Zach struggled to find ways to talk to a young Justin Bieber:

    Justin: are you going to say anything? Zach: Yeah I've just never interviewed a 7-year-old before. What was the last toy you got in a happy meal?

    6. And when Zach ran out of Happy Meal talk:

    Zach: You've had three hairstyles. What's next for your career?

    7. When Zach took a swing at Hillary Clinton's fashion sense:

    Zach: I'd love to meet the person who makes your pant suits Hillary: Oh really Zach: Yeah, because for Halloween, I wanted to go as a librarian from outer space

    8. When Conan O'Brien came in full steam...

    Conan: How are you? Good to see you, Zach Hey uh congratulations on the new role, I understand you're playing Papa Smurf in the live action Papa Smurf movie

    9. ...only to turn around and get totally owned by Zach:

    Zach: Steve Allen, Jack Paar, Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien, I was just listing my favorite Tonight Show hosts in order

    10. When Zach ended Michael Cera with one word:

    Zach: Have I told you that I enjoyed the movie Superbad? Michael: No Zach: Good

    11. When Zach executed a flawless backhanded compliment:

    Zach: there's a big conspiracy that you're not aging because you're immortal. Is that why your movies feel like an eternity

    12. And Keanu Reeves sent it right back to him:

    Keanu: Well, eternity feels shorter than this

    13. When Zach accidentally mixed up Bruce Willis's awards:

    Zach: Let's talk about, uh, where do you keep your Oscar I mean your, uh Blockbuster entertainment award, where do you keep that

    14. When Matthew McConaughey knew exactly what he was in for:

    Zach: Of all the things you can win an Oscar for, how surprised are you that you won one for acting Matthew: Here we go

    15. And when Zach made him wish he'd never come on:

    Zach: I noticed you're wearing a shirt. Is everything OK?

    16. When Bradley Cooper walked right into this one:

    Zach: Are you nominated Bradley: Yeah I'm nominated for best actor, Zach: How's bragging camp going

    17. When Zach annihilated Jerry Seinfeld with just a caption:

    Jerry Signfeld Funny 1993–1997

    18. And things got worse when the interview started:

    Zach: You know that movie you made called Bee Movie? Do you think it should've been called d-minus movie

    19. When Hailee Steinfeld immediately regretted doing the show:

    Zach: You've been in Pitch Perfect 2 and 3. Do you ever wish you were in the good one?

    20. And needless to say...

    You have 12 million Instagram followers. How long did it take for you to apologize to each one of them for Bumblebee?

    21. ...it went downhill from there:

    Zach telling her he didn't walk out of that movie, he skipped out because he was so happy to be leaving, and she says "Wow"

    22. And when he found a way to take a jab at John Cena, who wasn't even there:

    23. When Zach dished out this one-two punch to Brad Pitt:

    Zach: Is it hard for you to maintain a tan because you live in your wife's shadow?

    24. When Barack Obama took Zach down a few notches on his own show:

    Zach: It must kinda stink though that you can't run three times Obama: Actually, I think it's a good idea. If I ran a third time, it'd be sort of like doing a third Hangover movie. Didn't really work out very well, did it?

    25. When Zach suggested a name change for Jon Hamm:

    Zach: Have you ever thought about, for show business, changing your name from Jon Hamm to like Jon Sausage or Stuart Turkeylink

    26. And when he didn't stop with the naming jokes when Chance the Rapper came on...

    Zach: Do you have any siblings? Chance: I have a brother, yeah Zach: What does he do for a living? Chance: He's a rapper too Zach: What's his name, Community Chest the Rapper?

    27. ...or Brie Larson...

    Zach: I heard that Brie Larson isn't your real name, that you changed it for show business. Is your real name Gorgonzola Larson?

    28. ...Awkwafina...

    Zach: My guest today is Aquafina. Like the water? Awkwafina: It's spelled differently. Zach: Was Shasta taken?

    29. ...Benedict Cumberbatch...

    Benadryl Cumberbash "Holmes and Watson"

    30. ...or Christoph Waltz:

    Zach: Have you ever considered changing your name to Christoph Breakdance?

    31. When John Legend was exposed for who he truly is:

    Jon Legend: Michael Bublé impersonator

    32. When Zach was just trying to relate to Keanu Reeves:

    Zach: You have a big scar, I hear, from a motorcycle accident. I have a similar scar on my leg. I walked out of the movie Lake House and bumped into the seat in front of me

    33. And Keanu turned the tables on him:

    Zach: Do you research your roles? Keanu: Yeah Zach: Have you ever considered researching a character that has taken an acting class? Keanu: Right now I am acting like this is fun, how am I doing?

    34. When Zach had Jon Hamm back on the show, only to hit him with this:

    Zach: Bradley Cooper cowrote, produced, directed, and starred in A Star Is Born; are you hoping that will open doors for other hot idiots?

    35. When Ben Stiller didn't quite understand that the question would turn into a roast:

    Zach: What movie in your career have you been in that you're not crazy about Ben: I was in a movie called Highway to Hell Zach: Mine's Night at the Museum 2 Ben: I thought you were referring to movies we were actually in Zach: No the movies you've been in

    36. When Zach was just trying to convince Steve Carell to do a normal interview:

    Zach telling Steve I'm not going to say your character in Despicable Me, I hear they were going to base the nose on the character on your nose, but decided to go for something less cartoonish, I'm not going to say that

    37. When Zach gave Paul Rudd this devastating "would you rather":

    Zach asking Paul Rudd which do you prefer, being in Marvel movies or being in stuff nobody's ever heard of?

    38. Finally, when Paul did the impossible and flipped Zach's setup into a compliment:

    Zach: Are you practicing, Paul: No, I'm not a practicing Jew, I've perfected it