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Updated on Nov 30, 2019. Posted on Oct 28, 2017

16 Canadian Tumblr Posts That Will Make America Say, "Right In Front Of My Salad?"

I thought what we had was special.

1. When they grilled us on our national anthem...

yoprinceass / Via

2. ...whoops, I'm sorry, national anthems.

youdbeagooddalek / Via

3. When they showed Americans why they can't have nice things.

creamiepuffs / Via

4. And they rubbed in how much safer they were.

frigidloki / Via

5. When they joked about leaving us.

the-random-thought-caravan / Via

6. When they started to gang up on us.

loomn / Via

7. When they gave America a brief history lesson...

zachspencer / Via

8. ...and then they rubbed in that they were the favorite.

amejizutoproductions / Via

9. When they proved they knew how to get to Americans.

captaintoedrag / Via

10. When they went there.

swarleyu / Via

11. When they gave zero fucks about telling everyone how they felt.

krisjenner / staplescanada / twitterlols / Via

12. When they brought the beaver into it.

creeds-thoughts / Via

13. And when they threw shade.

assbanditkirk / Via

14. When they called out beef.

ilovemakeupbeybeh / Via

15. When they questioned America's motives.

basicmom / Via

16. And finally, when all America wanted to do was have a good time.

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