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    I Guarantee You've Been Using Proprietary Eponyms Unknowingly, And Here Are 19 Examples Of Them

    TIL that "Onesie" is a trademarked word.

    Hello! I just learned a new term called a "proprietary eponym." It's a brand name that is so synonymous with a generic item that it basically becomes the defining word for that product.

    For example, nearly everyone calls "hook and loop fasteners" Velcro, even if the fasteners aren't the Velcro brand.

    And I can't think of someone asking me to go play "novelty flying disc" in the park. Instead, they'd probably just say Frisbee, even though that's a brand name.

    So, I got curious...what other proprietary eponyms do we use? Here are 19 I legitimately had no idea about.

    1. Dumpster (Generic name: Trash bin)

    2. Ping Pong (Generic name: Table tennis)

    3. Styrofoam (Generic name: Polystyrene foam)

    4. Trampoline (Generic name: Rebound tumbler)

    5. Thermos (Generic name: Vacuum flask)

    6. Tupperware (Generic name: Food storage container)

    7. Laundromat (Generic name: Self-service laundry)

    8. Vaseline (Generic name: Petroleum jelly)

    9. Jacuzzi (Generic name: Hot tub)

    10. Jet Ski (Generic name: Personal watercraft)

    11. Bubble Wrap (Generic name: Bubble cushioning)

    12. Onesie (Generic name: Infant bodysuit)

    13. Escalator (Generic name: Moving staircase)

    14. Taser (Generic name: Electric shock device)

    15. Crock-Pot (Generic name: Slow cooker)

    16. Fiberglass (Generic name: Glass wool)

    17. Granola (Generic name: Whole grain cereal)

    18. TelePrompTer (Generic name: Cueing device)

    19. Hacky Sack (Generic name: Footbag)