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22 Quizzes That Are A Great Way To Kill Time

Come on in and spend a minute or two!

1. How Much TikTok Slang Do You Know?

2. Most People Can't Get 8/10 On This Random Knowledge Quiz — Can You?

3. If You Can See The Difference In At Least 7 Of These Colors, Then You Have Perfect Color Vision

4. Only Bozos Can't Pass This International Landmarks Quiz

5. There Are Five Love Languages — Which Is Yours?

6. If You've Seen "Grease" At Least 3 Times, You'll Have No Problem Acing This Quiz

7. There Are 195 Countries In The World — Name Just 24 To Pass This Test

8. Choose Your Favorite Movie Stars From Each Decade And We'll Reveal Which Classic Disney Character Most Matches Your Personality

9. Only Real Potterheads Can Get 10/13 On This Quiz, Where Every Answer Starts With The Final Letter Of The Previous Answer

10. 23 Broadway Musicals Stand Between You And 100% On This Quiz

11. I Had My Mom Try To Describe 17 Disney Movies – How Many Can You Name?

12. This US States Test Doesn't End Until You Get 1 Wrong Or All 50 Right

13. Here's One Tough Trivia Question From 30 Different Disney Movies — How Many Can You Get Right?

14. Here Are 13 Disney Landscapes — Can You Guess Which Movie They Belong To?

15. I Bet You Can't Pass This 2nd Grade Test

16. Sorry, But You Can Only Pick One Movie Couple For Every Genre – Which Do You Love Most?

17. Get Dressed Up To Go Nowhere And We'll Reveal Your Quarantine Persona

18. We’ll Tell You Which Disney Princess You Are Based On The Outfit You Build

19. This TV Show Intro Quiz Is Going To Frustrate You Because You Know The Answers, But They're Hard To Remember

20. If You've Seen 33/48 Of These Movies, There's A 100% Chance You're A Hipster

21. Can You Spend Over $5K At This Really, Really Expensive Grocery Store?

22. If You Could Have 9 Desserts For The Rest Of Your Life, Which Would You Choose?