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    People Are Livid Over This Body-Shaming "Tomb Raider" Review

    "This week in 'Male Critics Who Need To Shut Up.'"

    If you don't know Alicia Vikander, here she is. She's an Oscar-winning actor and Lara Croft in the new movie Tomb Raider.


    Now that you know her, let's cut to the chase. On March 14, a contributor for PhillyVoice posted a movie review of Tomb Raider that had a paragraph critiquing Vikander's appearance.

    This week in “Male Film Critics Who Should Shut Up”!

    And people weren't happy.

    @JEBermanator not being seen as a sex symbol and instead as a human being is bad for women?

    Comments on Twitter are calling the review "incredibly offensive" and "a sexist piece of shit."

    @thephillyvoice @TombRaiderMovie @AliciaVikanderD Hi this review is a sexist piece of shit and you should be ashamed of running it

    @thephillyvoice @TombRaiderMovie @AliciaVikanderD This is incredibly offensive and you should be ashamed of yourselves for running it.

    Since then, that portion of the review has been omitted with an editor's note.

    (Editor's Note: This review previously made references to Vikander's appearance in comparison to Angelina Jolie. After consideration, we have removed that mention.)

    And the writer has been addressing commenters online.

    JeromeMaida / Via

    But that hasn't stopped people from calling it out.

    @JEBermanator LOL at his comment that the gender-neutral tone of the story means it isn't empowering. Cos you know, a film where the female lead plays a role that could have been played by a man has never worked or been 'empowering' for women. cough :Alien:: cough

    @JEBermanator Nothing is more empowering for women than insisting they must look like Angelina Jolie with enhanced tatas or they're just not pretty.

    And ruthlessly making fun of it.

    amandartubbs / Via Twitter: @AmandaRTubbs

    @AmandaRTubbs @jkyles10 This is the perfect female body

    IDK, Alicia. Shake off the haters and keep kicking ass.