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27 Times Celebs Got Burnt To A Crisp On "Between Two Ferns"

I wouldn't last between the ferns.

1. When Zach ended Michael Cera with one word:

2. When Zach gave Paul Rudd this devastating "would you rather":

3. When Zach's question made Benedict Cumberbatch's jaw drop:

4. But Zach didn't stop there:

5. When Zach struggled to find ways to talk to a young Justin Bieber:

6. When Conan O'Brien came in at full steam...

7. ...only to turn around and get totally owned by Zach:

8. When Zach accidentally mixed up Bruce Willis's awards:

9. When Matthew McConaughey knew exactly what he was in for:

10. And when Zach made him wish he'd never come on:

11. When James Franco was asked the real questions:

12. When Zach annihilated Jerry Seinfeld with just a caption:

13. And things got worse when the interview started:

14. When Zach dished out this one-two punch to Brad Pitt:

15. When Hailee Steinfeld immediately regretted doing the show:

16. When Zach suggested a name change for Jon Hamm:

17. And when he didn't stop with the naming jokes when Chance the Rapper came on...

18. ...or Brie Larson...

19. ...or Benedict Cumberbatch:

20. When John Legend was exposed for who he truly was:

21. And then Zach delivered this gem:

22. When Zach was just trying to relate to Keanu Reeves:

23. And Keanu turned the tables on him:

24. When Zach had Jon Hamm back on the show only to hit him with this:

25. When Ben Stiller didn't quite understand that the question would turn into a roast:

26. When Zach was just trying to convince Steve Carell to do a normal interview:

27. And lastly, when Barack Obama took Zach down a few notches on his own show: