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19 Times Being An Adult Sucks And We Should All Just Go Home

Life: Where everything's made up and the points don't matter.

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1. When you get sent out on your own with no instructions:

littlemissmollymormon / Via

2. When you wonder how you'll get any answers:

notmusa / Via

3. When you get slightly overwhelmed:

lea_brenna / Via Twitter: @lea_brenna

4. When you realize how much work being a functioning member of society is:

birdonahotdog / Via

5. When you go shopping for yourself and choose whether your food should be healthy or convenient and almost always decide on the latter:

matterized / Via

6. When the mystical food fairy doesn't replenish the kitchen like it did when you lived at home:

dulect / Via

7. When you see other people doing better than you:

dickipedia / Via

8. When you're only after one thing:

Justingrome / Via Twitter: @JustinGrome

9. When you think about every single time you messed up since you walked across the stage to get your high school diploma:

asapscience / Via Twitter: @AsapSCIENCE

10. When your days off aren't really days off because you have to clean your apartment:

hilarioushumorfromouterspace / Via

11. When you try to blend in with people your age:

hipsstirr / Via

12. When you put off your responsibilities and watch Game of Thrones instead:

Relatablequotes / Via Twitter: @RelatableQuote

13. When you think about the good old days when electricity was magically on and water ran freely:

What's your favorite childhood memory? Me: not paying bills 💵

officialmagog / Via Twitter: @officialmagoG

14. When your ankles start to creak and your hips start to pop:

trevenant / Via

15. When you answer the nurse's personal questions and watch her judge your responses:

zackisontumblr / Via

16. When your bank account is public enemy #1 because you always seem to lose track of it:

me: *buys stuff* bank account: *deducts the money I spent* me:

umsassy / Via Twitter: @umsassy

17. When your mom and dad don't like the choices you're making even though they made similar decisions in their youth:

susiephone / Via

18. When you send out 183 job applications and wait by your phone that's not making a damn sound:

smartinsults / Via Twitter: @SmartInsults

19. Good luck out there, everyone:

nunyabiz666 / Via

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