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    Ant-Man Finally Acknowledged That He Didn't Kill Thanos By Crawling Up His Butt And Started To Explain Why

    "It's much more complicated than that..."

    When Avengers: Endgame first came out, fans had a quick and easy way to take care of Thanos for good.

    With the help of Pym technology, it would've been simple: Ant-Man shrinks down to the size of, well, an ant; crawls into Thanos's pants, into Thanos's butthole; and then expands.

    Know Your Meme screenshot of the Ant-Man theory

    That blows Thanos up from the inside and saves the universe...right?

    It would have saved all of the Avengers a headache and, TBH, probably Tony Stark's life.

    Tony Stark saying that he didn't have to snap his fingers cause Ant-Man had killed Thanos

    BUT HE DIDN'T DO SO. You'd think such a simple plan would be Plan A, right????

    Now, Ant-Man has finally addressed this theory and his reasoning in Avengers: Quantum Encounter, the new Marvel dinner show that takes place at Worlds of Marvel on Disney Cruise Line's newest ship, the Disney Wish.

    Worlds of Marvel sign

    Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne are on board to showcase some new quantum tech and are therefore your hosts for the dinner show.

    The screen at the dinner show

    During introductions, Scott decides to talk about it.

    Scott Lang addressing the theory in the dinner show

    He then proceeds to start what I assume would be the most interesting TED talk ever.

    Scott Lang saying that the idea is more complicated than first thought in the dinner show


    Hope interrupting Scott Lang in the dinner show

    Now, listen, I was thinking, Is it worth devoting an entire article to these two sentences? My answer was "yes," because this means an IRL Marvel meme crossed over into the MCU.

    We need more of this very important Marvel discourse to take off online so the characters have no choice but to acknowledge it.

    I write that, even though (I'm saying it) the plan wasn't that great to begin with. Ant-Man would've had to get through a heavy-duty belt and some tight pants without Thanos noticing.

    An arrow and text pointing out Thanos's armor

    The better bet, IMO, would've been the ear. Go through the ear and expand in the brain. I mean, Thanos says himself to go for the head.

    Maybe now Scott recognizes that, even though he's a superhero, he still has room for growth (*ba dum tiss*). Avengers: Quantum Encounter can be experienced at Worlds of Marvel, a dinner show on Disney's newest ship, the Disney Wish. The ship is starting cruises on July 14!