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If You're Having A Shit Day, Please Enjoy These Pure-Hearted Animals Living For Halloween Pumpkins

They're so festive.

1. This otter who's telling you it wants full-size Snicker bars and zero packs of raisins.

This is the last weekend for #HallZOOween (presented by Frisch's). #FridayFeeling #halloween

cincinnatizoo / Via Twitter: @CincinnatiZoo

2. This lemur who is just now realizing that pumpkins don't taste like pumpkin spice.

Afp Contributor / AFP / Getty Images

3. These skunks who are channeling their "Sanderson sisters over magic cauldron" look.

colchesterzoo / Via Twitter: @ColchesterZoo

4. This baby rhino who is proof that you don't need to do tricks to get treats.

A zoo in the Czech Republic is getting into the Halloween spirit. Its newest arrival enjoyed some pumpkin play time…

7newsmelbourne / Via Twitter: @7NewsMelbourne

5. These bears who don't really understand the rules of a pumpkin carving contest.

edinburghzoo / Via Twitter: @EdinburghZoo

6. These otters who you'll definitely want to put on your apple bobbing team.

Happy Halloween: A team of otters have a blast playing with pumpkins at the Oregon Zoo.

ABC / Via Twitter: @ABC

7. These wallaroos who know that the perfect jack-o-lantern glow comes from a thoroughly gutted pumpkin.

zoowildlife / Via Twitter: @ZooWildlife

8. This black jaguar who is just so unbelievably happy that it's fall again.

Beautiful black jaguar Goshi is having the best #Halloween ever! 🎃💦

chesterzoo / Via Twitter: @chesterzoo

9. These tortoises who are indulging in all of the pumpkin-flavored things before October is over.

twycrosszoo / Via Twitter: @TwycrossZoo

10. This snake who just really doesn't know how to pumpkin.

australiazoo / Via Twitter: @AustraliaZoo

11. These black-capped squirrel monkeys who are just now realizing Halloween is days away and they don't have costumes yet.

Our animals are getting into the #Halloween spirit with some fiendishly fun activities! 🎃🐒…

zsllondonzoo / Via Twitter: @zsllondonzoo

12. This meerkat who is obviously the spoopiest.

9news / Via

13. This hippo who just can't get enough Halloween.

xeni / Via Twitter: @xeni

14. This bear who is very pleased with how his Gumby-themed pumpkin turned out.

fukuoazoo / Via Twitter: @fukuokazoo

15. This bat who is all in for tricks and treats.

bronxzoo / Via Twitter: @BronxZoo

16. These tigers who absolutely hate the Halloween decorations around here.

We think our #tigers enjoyed their Halloween treats! 🎃 Happy #Caturday! 🐯

zsllondonzoo / Via Twitter: @zsllondonzoo

17. This lion cub who is, honestly, so involved with carving their pumpkin, you can't even see them.

marylandzoo / Via Twitter: @marylandzoo

18. And finally, this elephant who is over Halloween and is ready for Christmas.

twycrosszoo / Via Twitter: @TwycrossZoo


The animals in #11 are black-capped squirrel monkeys. A previous version of this post misstated the species. Thanks to ZSL London Zoo for pointing out the error.

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