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    17 Photos That Will Either Impress You Or Deeply Disturb You And There's No In-Between

    It's pretty much one or the other.

    1. Do I stare in awe at how detailed this roach cake is...or do I start throwing my shoes at it?

    2. Do I praise all the hard work that went into making this...or do I think about it coming to life and terrorizing my family?

    3. Do I marvel at this pelican's flexibility...or do I politely tell it to knock it off because it's freaking me the fuck out?

    4. Do I ogle the talent it takes to make these nails...or do I give this woman some gloves because I don't want to see that?

    5. Do I clap for the artist who perfectly sculpted the Amazon logo...or do I scroll past it quickly because that raw meat "A" makes my stomach upset?

    6. Do I gaze at this mind-boggling chest ripple...or do I tell this guy to put a shirt back on and stop that for the love of all things muscular?

    7. Do I go to the nearest Foot Locker to buy a pair of these bad boys...or do I set them on fire?

    8. Do I go up to this giant chicken and get my picture with it...or do I drop everything and run away because I don't want that monstrosity anywhere near me?

    9. Do I invite this person to my party so they can do this awesome trick...or do I immediately set up an intervention between them and an arthritis specialist?

    10. Do I praise the ingenuity of this hot dog making...or do I pour a cup of that water for the person who did this so they realize how gross it is?

    11. Do I eat this cake...or do I go find Jeff Corwin to take care of it for me?

    12. Do I keep watching this seriously impressive parkour...or do I cross my feet on my chair and rock back and forth?

    13. Do I go up and tickle this tummy fanny pack...or do I sucker punch it square in the belly button?

    14. Do I compliment how cool this guy's phone case is...or do I ask him if I can make a call and smash the phone on the ground because nobody needs a fake ear?

    15. Do I take a picture of this awesome eggplant for my Instagram...or do I slice it and eat it because it looks creepily like my father and I need it to not?

    16. Do I ask this good boy if he wants a Scooby snack...or do I go up to the owner and tell them they need to look in the mirror and honestly evaluate their life decisions?

    17. Finally, do I give this person a "Best of Photoshop" award...or do I close out of the internet?