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17 Photos That Will Either Impress You Or Deeply Disturb You And There's No In-Between

It's pretty much one or the other.

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4. Do I ogle the talent it takes to make these nails...or do I give this woman some gloves because I don't want to see that? / Via

11. Do I eat this cake...or do I go find Jeff Corwin to take care of it for me?

oedsonalves / / Via Facebook: NorthStarCakes

14. Do I compliment how cool this guy's phone case is...or do I ask him if I can make a call and smash the phone on the ground because nobody needs a fake ear?

16. Do I ask this good boy if he wants a Scooby snack...or do I go up to the owner and tell them they need to look in the mirror and honestly evaluate their life decisions?

cre8tvcatopson / Via


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