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    From "Narnia" To "Twilight," I Asked An AI To Design Gowns Based On Books — FYI, They're Tremendous

    I don't like the "Twilight" dress. I feel like it's going to come alive and eat me.

    1. Emerald City from The Wizard of Oz

    spaghetti strap gown with long tulle train

    2. Wakanda from the Black Panther comics

    geometric style long gown with sharp shoulders

    3. Narnia from The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe

    gown with a fur lining around the shoulders and other animal-like details in the tulle

    4. Gotham City from the Batman comics

    sleek turtle-neck long sleeve dress with a mini skirt and long circling train

    5. Neverland from Peter Pan

    long puffed out gown with straps that have gold leaves and branches

    6. Wonderland from Alice in Wonderland

    gown made of a deck of cards

    7. Forks, Washington from Twilight

    longs leeve dress with long 3d banches going down the front

    8. Asteroid B-612 from The Little Prince

    beaded dress matching the color of the planet

    9. Whoville from How the Grinch Stole Christmas

    strapless corset dress with rolled tulle as the skirt

    10. Isla Nublar from Jurassic Park

    long dress with a slit in the front with feathers

    11. Middle Earth from The Hobbit

    etherial dress with a long train

    12. Swallow Falls from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

    strapless dress with a twists that look like cheese on a pizza

    13. Thneedville from The Lorax

    large layered tulle dress with a matching hat

    14. Lilliput from Gulliver's Travels

    puff-sleeved dress with a long skirt with a scene of the town

    15. Genovia from The Princess Diaries

    strapless gown with a waterfall effect along the front

    16. The Garden of Eden from the Bible

    one-sleeved dress with a corset bodice and overflowing skirt with 3d flowers

    17. The Hundred Acre Wood from The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

    off the shoulder long sleeve gown with a full skirt of 3d flowers

    18. Treasure Island from Treasure Island

    etherial flowy long dress with spaghetti straps and lace detailing on the bodice

    19. Mr. McGregor's Garden from Peter Rabbit

    strapless down with long skirt and 3d flowers flowing up to the bodice

    20. Sweethaven from the Popeye comics

    strapless dress with large swirls of colors on the layered skirt

    21. The Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

    skin tight dress with long tentacles connecting to the skirt

    22. The Little House from The Little House on the Prairie

    strapless flowing dress with a house added to the skirt

    23. Nottingham from Robin Hood

    long sleeve pant suit with gold detailing and a long cape

    24. Panem from The Hunger Games

    off the shoulder gown with a large bubble like train

    25. Busy Town from The Busy World of Richard Scarry

    strapless modern dress with a print of different houses and cat

    26. Hobbiton from The Hobbit

    etherial dress with long flowy skirt

    27. Sleepy Hollow from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

    dark corset gown with a large skirt and lace details

    28. Hogsmeade from Harry Potter

    long-sleeved dress with a long train and fur lining the sleeves and shoulder

    29. Shangri-La from Lost Horizon

    beaded strapless dress with a watercolor effect along the skirt

    30. Rivendell from Lord of the Rings

    tulle dress with 3d details that look like branches going up the bodice

    31. Amity Island from Jaws

    layered skirt dress resembling water

    32. The lsland of Doctor Moreau from The Island of Doctor Moreau

    moss like dress with roots coming up behind the shoulders

    33. Laputa from Gulliver's Travels

    large layered dress with a map printed on it

    34. Naboombu from Bedknobs and Broomsticks

    skin tight bodice with an opening for the skirt to fan out around and a long feathered hat

    35. Tom Sawyer's Island from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

    button-down blouse tucked into a layered skirt that as a belt

    36. Finally, Metropolis from the Superman comics

    silver jumpsuit with a cape